ESQ giveaway #3 — The TEAMMATES, Dean Torrence prize package

Endless Summer Quarterly is entering its holiday giveaway.

This prize package includes:

• Original 1966 Jan & Dean label SAVE FOR A RAINY DAY LP
• Original “Louisiana Man” single signed by Dean Torrence
• Dean Torrence – The Teammates CD *includes “Louisiana Man” session and single

The giveaway takes place Friday, Nov. 18 – Friday, Nov. 25. If you currently have a one-year subscription to ESQ magazine you are eligible to participate. Subscribers can leave comments below about what they enjoyed and loved about Jan & Dean and this era of music, and why they would cherish this prize package.

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Selected names will be announced on Monday, Dec. 5.


John Tilden

2 weeks ago

I’ve respected Dean’s talent for a long time. As a kid I was fascinated by the “Deadman’s Curve” TV Movie and have loved the Jan & Dean sound since then. It would be wonderful to hear Dean’s new music and have his autograph to treasure.


2 weeks ago

Jan & Dean made some of my favorite records and I would greatly cherish an original copy of Save For A Rainy Day. It’s an odd but interesting album with some killer moments and I love the Sundazed reissue. An original “Louisiana Man” single would be great, too, although I must say I prefer the Carnival of Sound version!

John Wiehn

2 weeks ago

Jan & Dean’s music takes me back to a better time in my
Life… Away from today’s pressures….

I sit back in my favorite chair, close my eyes and relive my favorite summer memories when i listen to Jan & dean.

Justin Plank

2 weeks ago

I’ve been wanting to get my hands on this album for a while. I ABSOLUTELY adore Save For A Rainy Day! Even just seeing the cover, I hear the theme in my head. I don’t have a whole lot of Jan & Dean’s albums yet, only had the Jan & Dean Anthology album for years (like Mr Beard) and bought a few here and there like Filet of Soul and Drag City. I know they weren’t as much as an album group as I want them to be.

Dennis Wood

2 weeks ago

I always loved the Save for a Rainy Day album. The song “California Lullaby” is my favorite Dean vocal performance. The whole album is great!


2 weeks ago

I always loved Jan & Dean! Thanks to The Beach Boys I discovered their music, love at first sight! And Save for a Rainy Day is a wonderful album! “Like A Summer Rain,” “Yellow Balloon,” etc., I’d be very happy to win this great prize.

Todd Vittum

2 weeks ago

Wow! Wish I could have been in it


2 weeks ago

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Greg Laney

2 weeks ago

I think the first time that I heard Jan & Dean was in the family car, the song was “Linda,” and I was hooked. I was about nine years old then and had no idea that I would one day see them live in concert. Flash forward to 1978, my wife and I learned that Jan Berry would be appearing at a local hot spot in Cincinnati, OH called the Black Stallion. We witnessed a great show and even had the opportunity to go backstage and visit with the man himself. Shortly after that time, Dean reunited with Jan for the second phase of their career. We were lucky enough to see them in concert four or five times and were never disappointed. I can’t begin to tell you how much their music has meant to me, personally, and it saddens me that they are not yet in the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. I would love to win this contest especially because Deans autograph, and new c.d. are included. All I know is the two coolest guys in Rock & Roll gave us some really, really good music!

Rudolph Herman

1 week ago

I have been a subscriber in New Mexico for many years, but this is the first time I have left a comment. I am so glad that this material by Dean is finally on CD. I have the vinyl, cassettes and 45’s of many of the songs on The Teammates and only listened to them a few times, now I can listen anytime. The music can now (also) be heard in better quality and variety. And now, instead of just iTunes or YouTube, us older generations can listen on CD. I hope more music from Jan & Dean and The Beach Boys is made available like this in the future. Can’t wait.

Rudy Herman

Gerald Ramey Jr

1 week ago

I’ve been a Jan & Dean fan ever since I saw the “Deadman’s Curve” TV movie that aired on CBS in the late 1970’s. I have it on VHS and I just watched it not long ago. Dean’s new CD sounds really cool, and I have the Sundazed release of Save For Rainy Day, but have never seen an original copy.

Tim Kann

7 days ago

I have always been a big fan of Jan & Dean and appreciate everything Jan did to keep the band mainstream and relevant after Jan’s accident. Dean made a great compilation album with Popsicle. Dean did an amazing job recording the album Save for a Rainy Day. Unfortunately this is a rare and hard to find this album as Dean wasnt able to give this a full release in 1966 because of Jan not approving it which I’m sure broke Dean’s heart putting in his heart & soul recording this album with out Jan’s help to try to keep Jand & Dean relevant. Yellow Ballon could have been a big hit but unfortunately another bad was able to release it and get a big hit off of the song. I would tresure this album to finally be able to add the album to my Jan & Dean collection.


2 hours ago

Congratulations Tim, you have been selected to receive this prize package.

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