ESQ giveaway #4 — George Faulkner/Murry Wilson music prize package

Endless Summer Quarterly is entering its holiday giveaway. The GEORGE FAULKNER PRIZE PACKAGE is full of rare and great collector’s items.

This prize package includes:
• George Faulkner Sings Murry Wilson LP
• George Faulkner Sings Murry Wilson, “Happy, Happy Holiday” 45″ vinyl single
• George Faulkner Sings Murry Wilson, “Happy, Happy Holiday” CD single
• George Faulkner Sings More Murry Wilson CD
• Murry Wilson’s “For You And Me” demo CD single
• Murry Wilson Fan Club card
• Murry Wilson coaster

The giveaway takes place Friday, Nov. 18 – Friday, Nov. 25. If you currently have a one-year subscription to ESQ magazine you are eligible to participate. Subscribers should leave your comments below about what interests them about George Faulkner’s recordings, what fascinates them about Murry Wilson’s songwriting, and why they would cherish this prize package.

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Selected names will be announced on Monday, Dec. 5.


Ron Carter

1 year ago

I am honestly not that familiar with Murry Wilson’s songwriting, but I would love to hear more and learn more. As the ‘father of The Beach Boys,’ Murry intrigues me. I’ve read all of the accounts about his violent temper and how he disrespected his sons, and I’ve heard the voice recordings of him berating Brian in the studio, yet I wonder … there must have also been a soft side to the man. He was, after all, creative, and loved music. As a fan of all things Beach Boys, I am always seeking more, more, more. I’d absolutely love to win this prize package and discover more about Murry Wilson.

Justin Plank

1 year ago

George has such unique projects, mainly for the hardcore fan. I’ve listened to a few including “Wrinkles” and “Under The Moonlight.” I highly admire George for trying to get more of Murry’s music out there! I’m actually a fan of the Many Moods Of Murry Wilson, it’s really relaxing and nostalgic. I don’t mind Lawrence Welk myself, and would love to have this prize. I don’t have any of George’s music nor Murry’s, with the exception of the CD of Many Moods that came out about five years ago or so.


12 months ago

Congratulations Justin, you have been selected to receive this prize package.

Gerald Ramey Jr

1 year ago

I have the Many Moods of Murray Wilson LP but have never played it. It’s a stereo copy that I found at a record show. I’ve been meaning to play it, but haven’t yet. But at the same time, I’ve owned Iron Butterfly’s Inna-Godda-Da-Vidda LP for over 20 years before I flipped it over to play Side One! By the way, the title song takes up all of Side Two! The coaster and fan club card would be a hoot to have!

Tim Kann

1 year ago

I have always liked Murry Wilson’s music and he was also a huge factor to why The Beach Boys became who they are today. Unfortunately he was mean to his sons but should not be forgotten he also drove them to huge success. Between Murry’s knowledge of music, his prior experience, and money he was able to get them record deals with his determination to push for a session. He also organized touring and transportation and financial responsibility to get the Beach boys more known and more money so they get even better record deals and more instruments. Although Murry may not had been the greatest dad he still showed a lot of love to his sons in other ways. I would cherish this set and I am a big fan of Christmas and also a fan of Murry Wilson’s songwriting. This would be a chance to get to know his songwriting ability even better.


1 year ago

I have Many Moods of Murry Wilson, It will be very interesting to listen to George Faulkner’s interpretations of Murry’s music. Wonderful cover!!! Beautiful music! Another great prize package from the wonderful ESQ!

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