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The Fall 2018 issue of Endless Summer Quarterly magazine features coverage on the 30th Anniversary of “Kokomo” and Terry Melcher’s contribution to The Beach Boys sound 1986-1989. This rare behind-the-scenes account includes exclusive interviews with Mike Love, Al Jardine, Jeffrey Foskett, John Stamos, Joel Peskin and engineer Keith Wechsler. Quotes from Bruce Johnston and previously unpublished images are also included.

The Summer 2018 issue of ESQ is now available and features coverage of The Beach Boys new album The Beach Boys with The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra. Exclusive interviews with Brother Records President, and Executive Producer Jerry Schilling, Producers Nick Patrick and Don Reedman, and Beach Boys Mike Love and Al Jardine. The summer issue also includes a 50th Anniversary article on The Beach Boys’ 1968 Summer Single, “Do It Again” by Robert Flory.

The Spring 2018 issue of ESQ is a complete celebration of The Beach Boys’ 1968 Friends album. The issue includes exclusive interviews with Mike LoveMarilyn Wilson-RutherfordStephen KalinichAlan Boyd and Mark Linett and a well-crafted timeline of events surrounding the lives of Mike, Brian Wilson, Dennis Wilson, Carl Wilson and Al Jardine during the first quarter of 1968. The Friends album section includes an introduction by Peter Reum, sessionography by Craig Slowinski, album cover art history by Malcolm C. Searles and album review by Probyn Gregory.

Be sure your subscription is up to date because ESQ will be publishing a Brian Wilson 30th Anniversary special edition that will include exclusive interviews with Russ Titelman, Andy Paley, Lenny Waronker, Seymour Stein, David Leaf, as well accounts of events from Mark Linett and Domenic Priore. Peter Reum reviews Brian Wilson. That issue will be mailed in early November. 

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