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The Summer 2020 edition of Endless Summer Quarterly [ESQ] magazine (Issue #130) is a 50th-anniversary celebration of The Beach Boys acclaimed Sunflower album. With the anniversary of the album's official release being Aug. 31, 2020, Brian Wilson, Mike Love, Alan Jardine, and Bruce Johnston welcomed the opportunity to revisit the songwriting timeline, and discuss the music surrounding the classic 12-song collection. A sessionography by Craig Slowinski is also included.


The Spring 2020 edition of ESQ (Issue #129) features an interview with Brian Wilson about the Brian Wilson Scholarship, the Long Promised Road documentary, and his thoughts on Nick Walusko. Brian is accompanied in the coverage with UCLA professor David Leaf and documentarian Brent Wilson. The second feature is Jon Kanis’ beautiful article on his friend Nick Walusko, which includes new interview content with Darian Sahanaja.


The Winter 2019 edition of ESQ (Issue #128) is a tribute to the late Nick Walusko and is the perfect companion piece to the Spring 2020 edition. In this loving tribute, Mike D’AmicoProbyn GregoryPaul Von MertensBob LizikTodd SuchermanJeffrey FoskettNelson BraggMark LondonGary GriffinScott Bennett, and Andy Paley each reflects on his experience and friendship with Nick.


The Fall 2019 edition of ESQ is the first in a series of COLLECTOR'S EDITIONS, beginning with Mike Love. Mike, having recently released 12 Sides Of Summer on July 19, 2019, was primed to promote his new album, and revisit his days in Santa Barbara and discuss his unreleased material. Mike reminisced about those days, along with producer Paul Fauerso and engineer Jeff Peters. Paul produced First LoveMike Love Not War, and a third unreleased album project titled World Peace. Mike, Paul, and Jeff provide the details. Also included in this edition are interviews with Country Love producer Al Perkins12 Sides Of Summer producers Sam HollanderJosh Edmondson, and Scott Totten, and engineer Tom Gordon. Fill in the historical gaps of Beach Boys’ information with this edition.


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