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The Summer 2021 edition of Endless Summer Quarterly [ESQ] (Issue #134) celebrates the 50th Anniversary of The Beach Boys’ Surf’s Up album, new exclusive interviews with The Beach Boys, and a rare glimpse inside the Radiant Radish.


The Spring 2021 edition of ESQ (Issue #133) features an account of the making of the new "Add Some Music To Your Day" recording. I take you through the creative process, producing the recording with Rob Bonfiglio, a timeline, the completion of the song, the making of the video, and doing it all for Feeding America. Testimonials from Mike Love, Al Jardine, Bruce Johnston, David Marks, Carnie Wilson, Matt Jardine, Wendy Wilson, Jeffrey Foskett, and Lola Bonfiglio are included.


The Winter 2020 edition of ESQ (Issue #132) celebrates the 40th Anniversary of The Beach Boys’ Keepin’ The Summer Alive album. The issue includes interviews with Mike LoveAl Jardine, Bruce Johnston, Jerry Schilling, and Scott Mathews, along with archival content from Brian Wilson and Carl Wilson. This edition of ESQ also includes a sessionography from Craig Slowinski; rare recording images from Al’s barn in Big Sur, CA, Daryl Dragon’s Rumbo Recorders Studios in Canoga Park, CA, and an original album cover art breakdown by Malcolm C. Searles.


The Fall 2020 edition of ESQ magazine (Issue #131) features an intimate interview with Al Jardine on his humble beginnings, his family's trek to California, and the culmination of his life experiences and astonishing career that resulted in his solo album, A Postcard From California, now celebrating its 10th Anniversary. 


The Summer 2020 edition of ESQ magazine (Issue #130) is a 50th-anniversary celebration of The Beach Boys' acclaimed Sunflower album. With the anniversary of the album's official release Aug. 31, 2020, Brian Wilson, Mike Love, Alan Jardine, and Bruce Johnston welcomed the opportunity to revisit the songwriting timeline and discussed the music surrounding the classic 12-song collection. A sessionography by Craig Slowinski is also included.


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