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The Winter 2019 edition of Endless Summer Quarterly [ESQ] magazine (Issue #128) is a tribute to the late Nick Walusko (*available for individual purchase Jan. 4, 2019). Nick passed away on Aug. 7, 2019. In this loving tribute, Mike D'Amico, Probyn Gregory, Paul Von Mertens, Bob Lizik, Todd Sucherman, Jeffrey Foskett, Nelson Bragg, Mark London, Gary Griffin, Scott Bennett and Andy Paley each reflects on his experience and friendship with Nick.   The Fall 2019 edition of ESQ is the first in a series of COLLECTOR'S EDITIONS, beginning with Mike Love. Mike, having recently released 12 Sides Of Summer on July 19, was ready to promote his new album, and welcomed the opportunity to revisit his days in Santa Barbara and discuss his unreleased material. Mike reminisces about those days, along with producer Paul Fauerso and engineer Jeff Peters. Paul produced First Love, Mike Love Not War, and a third unreleased album project titled World Peace. Mike, Paul and Jeff provide the details. Also included in this edition are interviews with Country Love producer Al Perkins, 12 Sides Of Summer producers Sam Hollander, Josh Edmondson and Scott Totten, and engineer Tom Gordon.  


The Summer 2019 edition of ESQ features a tribute to Daryl Dragon. Contents include interviews and testimonials from Mike LoveAl JardineBruce JohnstonEd CarterBlondie ChaplinDoug DragonBilly HinscheMike KowalskiJoel Peskin and Toni Tennille, along with a 2002 archival interview with Daryl Dragon. Together, these musicians and performers share a history that incorporates the Dragons' first single ("Elephant Stomp") through to the formation and success of Captain & Tennille. Vintage and previously unpublished images are included, courtesy Tom BagdonasAlan Boyd, Ed CarterLee DempseyJoel PeskinEd Roach, Ray TaylorKlaas Veenstra and Gabriël Witteveen.


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