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The Summer 2019 edition of Endless Summer Quarterly [ESQ] magazine features new interviews and testimonials from Mike LoveAl JardineBruce JohnstonEd CarterBlondie ChaplinDoug DragonBilly HinscheMike KowalskiJoel Peskin and Toni Tennille along with a 2002 archival interview with Daryl Dragon. Together, these musicians and performers share a history that incorporates the Dragons' first single ("Elephant Stomp") through to the formation and success of Captain & Tennille. Vintage and previously unpublished images are included.

The Spring 2019 issue of ESQ magazine features coverage on the 50th Anniversary of The Beach Boys' 20/20 album. For the new edition I conducted interviews with Mike LoveAl Jardine and Bruce Johnston. Also included in the new edition is an interview with Ginger Blake of The Honeys. Ginger shares her memories of working with Brian Wilson in the studio in December 1968 on "Goodnight My Love" and "Tonight You Belong To Me." Alan Boyd and Mark Linett discuss the Friends and 20/20 digital session releases, Wake The World and I Can Hear MusicCraig Slowinski contributes the sessionographies for 20/20 and The Honeys.

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