ESQ giveaway #1 — Brian Wilson prize package

Endless Summer Quarterly is entering its holiday giveaway. The BRIAN WILSON PRIZE PACKAGE is full of rare and great collector’s items.

This prize package includes:

• Brian Wilson 80 Years Of Good Vibrations U.S. Tour 2022 program
• Brian Wilson sandbox collector’s poster
• Brian Wilson autographed Long Promised Road DVD
• The Beach Boys and the California Myth (first pressing) by David Leaf

The giveaway takes place Friday, Nov. 18 – Friday, Nov. 25. If you currently have a one-year subscription to ESQ magazine you are eligible to participate. Subscribers can leave comments below about what they enjoyed and loved about the Brian Wilson documentary, Long Promised Road, and why they would cherish this prize package.

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Selected names will be announced on Monday, Dec. 5.


Neil Stewart

2 weeks ago

I loved the documentary as it showed in such a sensitive, intimate and thoughtful way Brian’s vulnerable and sweet nature alongside clear sighted discussion of his unique musical gifts. I loved the relationship between Brian and Jason, how Jason gave Brian the space and time to just be himself Even though I’ve been a fan for 40 years I felt that I knew Brian more than ever thanks to this touching and beautiful portrayal. It frequently moved me to tears. I love this guy.! Winning this prize package would mean everything to me and I would cherish it.

Michel Musto

2 weeks ago

Hi! What I enjoy, in the LPR documentary, is that is the first time in those 30 last year, that I can see Brian not stressed in an interview. He seems cool, and his answers are quiet and honest. For example, when he was told that Jack Rieley died, he had really spontaneous and heartbreaking reaction. I don’t know if it’s because the interview is in a car, riding threw LA, but really, this is really natural. I love it. It give a good idea of how Brian is really when he is in a cool atmosphère. He would be cool for me to win a signed item by Brian because his autograph is missing in my collection. The program book would be cool too…


2 weeks ago

Those of us who have lost family members and friends could not help being moved by Brian’s burden of coping with his own losses, especially in the scene outside Carl’s home. We get the fullest picture of Brian’s character and his accomplishments from the film.

Frank Abe

2 weeks ago

Brent Wilson and Jason Fine do a remarkable job of bringing out the Brian that we know and love who is scared and traippd inside his body and mind. It’s a joy to see that Brian is still present in his life and working on that doggone rock and roll album. I wonder if the few new cuts on Long Promised Road is in fact his best effort to fulfill that long-held goal of his. The tour poster is meaningful in that I fear, as Al said in passing, that the poster represents Brian’s last tour. We will have our sweet memories. Thanks David for all you do.

Carl A Schwanbeck

2 weeks ago

I enjoyed the Long Promised Road documentary and felt that it was like actually getting to spend time with Brian Wilson. You could see his vulnerabilities and his real personality-particularly in the restaurant conversation with Jason Fine. I am in the midst of reading four books about The Beach Boys and would enjoy adding more ‘study material’ as well as adding an autograph to my Beach Boys autograph collection. I have most of the record albums covers signed by various members as well as some CDs. I like to go to thrift stores and buy frames/mats that go with the colors on the item and then tear out the original art and put in my Beach Boys item. Fun (fun fun). Terrible, I know 🙂

John Tilden

2 weeks ago

The segment in Long Promised Road where Brian finds out about Jack Rieley’s passing punched me in the gut. I’ve watched a lot of video of Brian of the years and the fact that he was OK with showing that to the world validates the entire movie. I am grateful to have seen it. It would be wonderful to have the items in this prize to treasure.

Justin Plank

2 weeks ago

The Long Promised Road documentary was great! I loved seeing him on the cuff on the road and in the studio once again. One of the parts that really spoke to me was the section about Brian having kids and a family again. Must Be a Miracle is used this part and as someone who had a kid later in life, the song just spoke to me and hit me in a different way than hearing the inferior version that’s made its way around the fan circles. I just really related to Brian in that way, it really changed his life for the better as it did mine. I don’t have any of the prizes yet except for the first pressing of The Beach Boys And The California Myth. If I were to win it, I’d be sure to give one of the copies to a fellow fan/friend … as that’s what I usually do with my duplicate Beach Boys items.

Patrick Goodney

2 weeks ago

Long Promised Road gives fans such an incredible view into Brian’s life. It lets you picture what’s it’s like spending empty time with Brian. It was such a unique idea for a film and it was executed well. I still can’t get over the scene of him talking to that other driver. I did not get to see Brian on his 2022 tour, so I would appreciate getting a hold of the tour program and poster, as well as finally getting to check out Mr. Leaf’s lauded book!

Aimee T. Perhach

2 weeks ago

Long Promised Road is an excellent documentary because it shows two sides of Brian: the sweet side and emotionally honest side of someone who has the courage to admit when he is nervous, as well as the side of him that is an absolute master in the studio. Seeing him work on recording music is absolutely magical and was my absolute favorite part of the film. I have been a fan of Brian and the Beach Boys since 2019. I came to this music at the age of 26, at a very, very dark point in my life, and it literally saved my life. I was fortunate to see Brian live in July. To finally, and perhaps for the only time, be in the same place as the man whose music is the reason I am still here. So memorabilia from that would be quite special. Most special of all in this collection, however, would be the first pressing of David Leaf’s wonderful book. His film Beautiful Dreamer told me the story I’ve needed these past few years to survive. It gave me hope at times when I was short on it. And I absolutely adore the updated version of his book, so having this first pressing of the book would mean the world to me. Now at the age of 30, I can safely say that this hasn’t been just a casual interest to me; this has been a lifeline and has become a deep, deep passion that will last my whole life.


30 mins ago

Congratulations Aimee, you have been selected to receive this prize package.


2 weeks ago

Wonderful, fantastic documentary seeing Brian in this way, driving in L.A., visiting places that reminds so many feelings, the story of a LEGEND. Touch your heart! One of the best moments for me when Brian listened (in his room) to Dennis’ Pacific Ocean Blue. Love it!! This prize package is incredible!! Thanks for all ESQ!!!

Carey Schalber

2 weeks ago

I loved the Long Promised Road documentary; it is another great snapshot at where Brian is at in at this stage in his life. It is a continuing saga of other documentaries such as Endless Harmony, Imagination, and Beautiful Dreamer. It shows that Brian is a musical genius and still can go into the recording studio and take charge but on the flip side that Brian is a regular guy in that he still has his fears but battles through them. I loved when Brian was in the car w8th Jason Fine and Brian yells, “Hey buddy, what year is that car?” Brian didn’t hold back and found out what he wanted. After watching the documentary movie I would love to just cruise in a car and B-S w9th Brian, and listen to music. Brian is a very cool guy!!! I have been a Beach Boys/Brian Wilson fan for most of my life and it would mean so much to me if I would win this Brian Wilson prize package. It would be the ultimate Christmas present for me!!! Thank You!

Gerald Ramey Jr

1 week ago

PBS showed the Long Promised Road documentary earlier this year, but about halfway through, the picture froze and I missed about ten minutes of it. From what I saw, it was pretty good. I really like the tour book and poster, they look pretty cool.

Greg Laney

1 week ago

I just wanted to start off by saying that the Beach Boys music is the soundtrack of my life, not merely feel-good nostalgia, but each song can take me to a place in my life that reflects both happy and sad memories. You know, songs that remind you of your first love or songs that your little girl tried to sing when she was 2 years old or songs that remind you of a close friend or family member that you have lost. I can recall the first time that I saw the boys in concert. It was in November of 1972 at the Xavier fieldhouse in Cincinnati. By this time, it was common knowledge that Brian had retired from touring, so I had little hope of ever seeing him onstage. Flash forward to 1976 when the Brians Back campaign began, and Brian started to appear at a select few concerts. His voice was raw, and he appeared very anxious on stage, sometimes pacing back and forth in the background, but as time went by Brians voice grew stronger and he became more confident on stage. When he started touring with the Wondermints the comeback was complete. On September 12, 2000, my late best friend and I attended the Brian Wilson Pet Sounds concert in Columbus. When we got to the car to leave Bill said that “hands down” that was the best concert that he had ever seen. Since that time, I have seen Brian 4 additional times and have never been disappointed. As far as the documentary goes, you almost have the feeling that you’re in the car with them. I think all of us that love Brian are in awe of his musical talent and abilities, yet at the same time want to protect this vulnerable sweet man. The segment when Brian learned of Jack Reiley’s passing was heartbreaking. In closing, I hold out hope that the band might one day tour again together, as it should be, and I would really love to win this prize, as Brian and the boys have always been an intricate part of my life.

Bruce Epp

1 week ago

Long Promised Road is an amazing documentary. I have watched and rewatched it several times. I’m amazed and touched at Brian’s honesty, fragility and will. He’s a survivor. The seemingly spontaneous and candid in-car conversations (with Jason Fine), the studio sessions, the words of praise from famous fans made this documentary stand out from others. Who knew Springsteen was such a fan? Even Brian’s silence during the breaks in conversation seemed to speak volumes. It was quite beautiful at times, really.

My favorite moment was when Brian yelled to the motorist to find out the year of his car. Unexpected and brilliant!! He still has his quirky sense of humor!

Love the soundtrack too! A brilliant documentary from start to finish.

This prize package looks unbelievable, I would certainly cherish it and proudly display it to help promote the genius that is Brian Wilson.

Tim Kann

7 days ago

I enjoyed the film and cherish seeing Brian at another stage of his musical career. he still has it and am very thankful to finally hear a version of the unreleased “Honeycomb.” Brian in his late 1970s producing music is magical. I am very thankful he is still around and is able to do what he loves and knows best.

Jeff cannell

4 days ago

The documentary moved me in so many different ways. I was really encouraged to see such long periods of Brian just being able to be himself. I believe the affection that comes through in his music was able to come through every second of that documentary. My one regret is my dad, who would’ve loved it so much, died last year, and we were not able to enjoy it together.

Brian M. Carr, Jr.

4 days ago

The Long Promised Road documentary provides viewers an unprecedented look into the insecurities that Brian has had to overcome to become one of the most successful and influential musical artists to have ever penned and/or sung a song. To see Brian admit that he was nervous before taking the stage, juxtaposed to Brian shouting out to a passing motorist to inquire as to the year of his car, displays honest insight never seen before. Brian’s anxiety has historically left many an interviewer frustrated when trying to conduct an in-depth interview with Brian, but this documentary unlocks the secret to accessing the honesty and thoughtful insights that so many have waited for decades for Brian to share.
I would be honored to win this prize package. Brian’s music has meant so much to my life. As an individual who has fought a lifelong battle against anxiety, Brian’s music has always been there for me when I’ve needed my spirits lifted and the impact that Brian’s music has had on my life has been immeasurable! Thank you, Brian!!

Stefan Lind

4 days ago

It took quite some time to find it on a streaming platform in Germany, but it was worth the wait. What can I say? I had tears in my eyes for most of the time. Such a talent, such a genius, such a sweet guy. Brian has made my life better – and still does.

Krista Truitt

4 days ago

Always have been a fan of 60s and 70s music even though I was born in 71. My first memories of music took place at my grandmothers house on a big console that contained a record player and 8 track tape player. We played Gershwin, Lawrence Welk, Don Ho and The Beach Boys, what a eclectic combination of music my grandmother had ! When we would jump in her big Olds 98, she would let us grab an 8 track from the house and my sister and I would always grab The Beach Boys. Fast forward 40 years year I was on a flight and saw the LPR documentary and decided to watch it. I knew the backstory of The Beach Boys but not so much the personal struggles of Brian. LPR showed such a wonderful and intimate side of Brian. I was especially moved at the deli when Brian was having a discussion with Brent and Jason came back to the table. Brain was so excited he made a new friend. I couldn’t believe that such a musical legend is such a humble man. I immediately felt a connection and decided I needed to find more literature and listen to all the music I could get a hold of. I joined ESQ and I am adding bits and pieces so I can start a collection of Beach Boys items. When I saw info about the giveaway I thought might as well go for the Brian Wilson items. That would definitely be an exciting way to start it off !! Brian Wilson’s music is what I love about song, its timeless. You could be a fan of his for 50 years or 1. His music is timeless and will be with us forever!. So glad I rediscovered it so I can pass my love of his music to my kids and grandkids!

Roger Iwasaki

4 days ago

The best documentary and ‘look’ at Brian Wilson as himself–hands down. Hat’s off to Jason Fine’s approach to interviewing Brian. It was genius. My friends told me I had to watch. My sister (not quite the die-hard fan I am…) even liked it! Hopefully we’ll see Brian again in a relaxed no pressure situation ‘interview’. Life long fan of BB’s but especially Brian Wilson.

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