ESQ giveaway #2 — The TEAMMATES, Mike & Dean prize package

Endless Summer Quarterly is entering its holiday giveaway. The TEAMMATES, MIKE & DEAN PRIZE PACKAGE is full of rare and great collector’s items.

This prize package includes:

• Dean Torrence & Friends – The Teammates CD
• Collectible ’83 Spring Break program withan autographed full-color poster by Mike Love & Dean
• Mike & Dean – “Be True To Your Bud” promo single
• Five collectible Mike & Dean stickers
• Signed backstage pass by Mike & Dean

The giveaway takes place Friday, Nov. 18 – Friday, Nov. 25. If you currently have a one-year subscription to ESQ magazine you are eligible to participate. Subscribers can leave comments below about what they enjoy and love about the music of the Mike & Dean material and why they would cherish this prize package.

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Selected names will be announced on Monday, Dec. 5.


Michel Musto

2 weeks ago

Hi! What I think is cool in Mike & Dean material is that it seems they just do the music because they love it and for fun. The album of those two I love is the lost Listen To The Air album, with the very good cover versions, and the radio like thing … (surf report by Dean). It would be cool for me to have something signed by those two cool men, and I would keep it as a treasure.

Alan T Anthony

2 weeks ago

Seeing this prize package reminds me of a few things. First, I remember the two times I saw Jan & Dean perform live in the late 1970’s with the Papa Do Run Run band. Once at the In The Round Mill Run Theater in Niles, Illinois and the other time at the ‘Old Chicago’ indoor amusement park in Bollingbrook. Both venues have since been torn down. After the Niles show, they both came out and graciously gave autographs to everyone that was there. The both signed my Anthology two-LP album. I recall Dean wearing bib overalls. Silly the things you remember. Then you made me recall how I bought the “Cassette-only” Mike and Dean album Rock & Roll City sold exclusively at Radio Shack stores and produced by the Captain, Daryl Dragon. Which brings me to the “Be True To Your Bud” 45 rpm. That’s a hard one to find & I’ve been looking for a long time. Someone will REALLY appreciate getting that one. PS: I wish Jan Berry would get recognition for his great production skills using early technology recording equipment, and I wish I was a fly on the wall at some of his sessions. Thanks!

Greig Pedler

2 weeks ago

When Mike and Dean’s Rock & Roll City came out I headed over to Radio Shack here in Windsor Ontario. Purchased it on cassette and pretty well wore it out. I still have it with it’s album size card in my collection. I video taped the Christmas special with Mike, Dean, the Raiders, etc., and eventually transferred it to DVD. It has become tradition to watch it every Christmas. I really enjoy this time period of their music and I think Mike and Dean was a great combination. Unfortunately, I never got to see the two of them together however I did manage to see Jan & Dean four times. I really enjoy all of the music. I think this is a great prize package, thank you for offering it.

Carl A Schwanbeck

2 weeks ago

I too have Rock & Roll City. I enjoy Jan & Dean music and knew about them before I knew The Beach Boys music. Just for kicks, I recently had Mike Love sign the cover of the Party! album personalized to ‘Barbara Ann’ (thank you very much, Mike). I bought a copy of the “Barbara Ann” 45 by The Beach Boys, and plan to have Dean Torrance sign that ‘to Barbara Ann’ as well. Thanks for putting this together.

Tom Maddox

2 weeks ago

What can be said about Mike & Dean? They are both great singer-songwriters and both should be in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Surfsup 🏄 🏄

Rod Switzer

2 weeks ago

I’ve enjoyed the work Mike & Dean have done together over the years! They’re quite a team. The poster would likely go on my wall, framed, next to my Beach Boys & Jan & Dean posters! Thanks!

Justin Plank

2 weeks ago

I would love this package. Having not been born until 1984, Mike & Dean was one of those parts of The Beach Boys history that I was very interesting in hearing about. Ironically, I just recently read the issue of ESQ from around 2010. It’s really interesting how they got together. I love tour programs, so I’d love to see what’s in the one included with this prize package. I’ve been looking forward to Dean’s new The Teammates CD for a while, a few things I hadn’t heard before.


2 weeks ago

Mike & Dean are wonderful singers! Dean is so involved in The Beach Boys history, I always loved the Listen To The Air album! Another great prize package, full of gems.

Carey Schalber

2 weeks ago

First of all I have been a huge Beach Boys and Jan & Dean fan for most of my life. I have every Beach Boys album/CD and many Jan & Dean albums/CDs. I think Mike Love and Dean Torrence are the musical voices of summer that we all recognize. I know Jan did most of the lead vocals but Jan’s backup harmonies are great just as the same Brian did when he was not on lead. Mike & Dean symbolize California summer music and they great when they work together. Winning this package would make my day and would love to add it to my collection of music memorabilia.

David DiPetro

1 week ago

There was a certain feel to this early 80’s retro feel that captured the garage band days all over again!

Greg Laney

1 week ago

You know that I’ve been a huge fan of these guys since hearing their music way back in 1962. “Surfin’ Safari” and “Linda” made this 9-year-old kid into a devoted follower of their musical careers. I remember purchasing the Rock & Roll City Radio Shack cassette in the early 80s but, I’m ashamed to admit that the “Be True to Your Bud” single is something new to me and I pride myself on my knowledge of their careers. So, it makes it that much more a treasured item if I was lucky enough to win this prize package. I can’t say enough of the sheer joy that these two men have given me and my family through their music. If The Beach Boys ever reunite again and tour the country, I hope that they enlist Dean to join them! I would love to win this package and want to thank ESQ for the opportunity.


2 hours ago

Congratulations Greg, you have been selected to receive this prize package.

Tim Kann

7 days ago

I was always a huge fan of the Beach Boys and Jan & Dean. Hearing the combination of Mike & Dean was amazing. Mike has always been my favorite beach boy and is highly underrated and underappreciated by most fans. He is very talented a huge part of making that Beach Boys sound. His deep vocals are easy to pick out of any song he is on. He is a big reason the beach boys are so unique to any other band including other surf bands like Jan & Dean.
Dean is also a big reason Jan and Dean where popular. He like Mile is also underrated for his contribution to Jan & Dean. The combination of Mike & Dean was perfect. Unfortunately they only created a few songs together and toured for about 2 years.

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