FALL 2023, Issue #143: The Beach Boys 1984-85 — Vol. 2


FALL 2023, Issue #143: The Beach Boys – An American Band

Issue #143 is ESQ’s ongoing study on the passing of Dennis Wilson, The Beach Boys revived popularity, recording activity, and the very first documentary on the band.

This edition is Vol. 2 of a two-volume set.

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FALL 2023, Issue #143: The Beach Boys 1984-85 — Vol. 2


The Fall 2023 edition features a great in-depth interview with The Beach Boys: An American Band director, writer, and producer Malcolm Leo. Malcolm shares intimate details about the filming and editing of An American Band and provides a treasure trove of behind-the-scenes stills from the documentary. Also featured is a new interview with musician/songwriter Jeffrey Foskett about his various experiences in the studio during this period, in addition to exclusive interviews with “Chasin’ The Sky” producer Spencer Proffer, and singer/songwriter Rand Bishop.


This edition of ESQ is the second of a two-volume set. The Summer 2023 ESQ is Vol. 1, and takes us inside the recording studio for the making of 1985s The Beach Boys; Jerry Schilling shares his memories of the transitional phase of the group continuing without Dennis Wilson; Andrew Doe recounts the day he was in the studio with The Beach Boys; and Craig Slowinski, John Brode, Will Crerar, and Joshilyn Hoisington provide an album sessionography.


Both of these issues of ESQ are must-haves for collectors.


Our interview with Steven Gaines, author of Heroes And Villains, The True Story Of The Beach Boys is exclusively available to VIP subscribers of the magazine, along with a lost Bruce Johnston interview from 1984 by Tom Field; more!




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