FALL 2023, Issue #143: The Beach Boys 1984-85 — Vol. 2

The Fall 2023 edition features a great in-depth interview with The Beach Boys: An American Band director, writer, and producer Malcolm Leo. Malcolm shares intimate details about the filming and editing of An American Band and provides a treasure trove of behind-the-scenes stills from the documentary. Also featured is a new interview with musician/songwriter Jeffrey Foskett about his various experiences in the studio during this period, in addition to exclusive interviews with “Chasin’ The Sky” producer Spencer Proffer, and singer/songwriter Rand Bishop.

This edition of ESQ is the second of a two-volume set. The Summer 2023 ESQ is Vol. 1, and takes us inside the recording studio for the making of 1985’s The Beach Boys; Jerry Schilling shares his memories of the transitional phase of the group continuing without Dennis Wilson; Andrew Doe recounts the day he was in the studio with The Beach Boys; and Craig Slowinski, John Brode, Will Crerar, and Joshilyn Hoisington provide an album sessionography.

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