SUMMER 2023, Issue #142: The Beach Boys 1985 album

SUMMER 2023, Issue #142: The Beach Boys 1985 album, Vol. 1

The Summer 2023 edition features a great in-depth interview with Steve Levine that takes us inside the recording studio for the making of The Beach BoysJerry Schilling shares his memories on the transitional phase of the group continuing without Dennis WilsonAndrew Doe recounts the day he was in the studio with The Beach Boys; and Craig SlowinskiJohn BrodeWill Crerar, and Joshilyn Hoisington provide an album sessionography. This is a must-have for collectors.

This edition of ESQ is the first volume of a two-volume set. The Fall 2023 ESQ will feature interviews with The Beach Boys: An American Band director, Malcolm Leo, musician/songwriter Jeffrey Foskett, Spencer Proffer, Rand Bishop, and Steven Gaines, author of Heroes And Villains, The True Story Of The Beach Boys.




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Robert White Johnson

4 months ago

Would love to get a copy of Issue #142. Carl was a dear friend & co-writer. For the CBS Beach Boys album, Carl & I wrote, “Where I Belong” , and also “It’s Getting Late” w/ Myrna Smith Schilling. Jerry managed my rock group, RPM when we were signed to W/B in Burbank. Met Steve Levine when Carl flew me out to LA to hear the mixes. Great memories! Let me know how I can obtain a copy of SUMMER 2023! Thx much! 😉


4 months ago

Hi Robert,
Great to hear from you. Click on the Add To Cart button to order.


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