Brian Wilson launches new site with demos and rarities on

By David Beard

On Tuesday, July 20, Rolling Stone writer Angie Martoccio posted the news on the re-launching of  

The new site features a Timeline, Updates (news page), Tour (scheduled appearances), Video – with the subcategories: ‘In Concert,’ ‘Soundchecks,’ ‘Music Videos,’ ‘In The Studio,’ an ‘Additional’ tab that features miscellaneous video odds and ends, and a Quotes page that collectively pulls together over fifty musical luminaries.

The Timeline page has fans abuzz with rare demo recordings, particularly five from the Love You sessions on the 1970s page; seven from the 1988 self-titled solo album on the 1980s page, and seven from the 1990s (which were co-written with Andy Paley).

The updated site comes along as we anticipate the upcoming Feel Flows box set release, but for now, thanks in large part to all these great multi-era demos that are nestled in the timeline, we have something to keep us somewhat preoccupied.

Overall, the attention to detail, and big picture overview of Brian’s career are welcomed, fans can dig deeper, and newcomers can discover – with informed clarity – the greatness of Brian’s musical genius and its indelible effect on the world.

The best part? There is more to come!


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Joe LoPiccolo

9 months ago

Love you, Brian ! Thank you for the greatest
music I’ve had the good fortune to grow up with.

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