The Beach Boys Launch exclusive SiriusXM Radio Channel ‘GOOD VIBRATIONS: THE BEACH BOYS CHANNEL’

By David Beard

On Thursday, July 1, ‘Good Vibrations: The Beach Boys Channel’ (Channel 105) returned after a three-year hiatus – having made its debut in 2018 in conjunction with the release of the Royal Philharmonic collection. The Channel received fast praise but ultimately disappeared after the seasonal run.

This time around, the station returns in support of the upcoming Feel Flows sets – out August 27 – on satellite and streaming platforms and ends its two-month run on August 31. And, although it’s another limited engagement channel, it could not have come at a better time.

This time the song segment segues are tighter and better thought out, the stories and insight go deeper, and the music covers a much broader and richer tapestry than its initial premiere … there’s an endless stream of solo material and deep album cuts. If you listen for a while, there’s a good chance you’ll hear repeated stories and recordings, but there are great little moments interwoven throughout.

The channel features the most comprehensive audio collection of The Beach Boys’ catalogue and includes audio from the upcoming Feel Flows box set, but I would tell you the best part about listening to this channel is the grounding reminder that The Beach Boys are unmatched in their musical output with very few musical acts even in the same conversation.

Presented and enveloped with a warm fluidity, ‘Good Vibrations: The Beach Boys Channel,’ features all of Brian Wilson’s compositional glory and the complete evolution of a band that time seemingly passed by, but we know better. The Beach Boys story has always been one of evolution.

So, as we prep for the August 27 release of Feel Flows – The Sunflower and Surf’s Up Sessions 1969-1971, via Capitol/UMe, the channel will spotlight some of the rare and never-before-heard audio material from the box set.

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You can also record an audio message on your phone and send it to [email protected] for possible inclusion on the channel.

Subscribers can listen to ‘Good Vibrations: The Beach Boys Channel’ online, on-the-go with the SXM App, and at home on a wide variety of connected devices including smart TVs, devices with Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant, Apple TV, PlayStation, Roku, Sonos speakers and more.

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Feel Flows – The Sunflower and Surf’s Up Sessions 1969-1971 will boast 135 tracks, including 108 previously unreleased tracks, live recordings, radio promos, alternate versions, alternate mixes, isolated backing tracks and a cappella versions, culled from the album sessions.

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Carol Cooley

2 months ago

Once again, we get to hear the wonderful Beach Boys in our summer of 2021!! Thank you for broadcasting this! I’ve been listening every chance I get!! I saw the guys at my college in 1972 and WOW how amazing. In 2018 I was visiting my high school that I graduated from….sitting in the parking lot…suddenly an announcement came on my 60s channel GOOD VIBRATIONS..THE BEACH BOYS CHANNEL. I almost DIED!!! And what did they play but BE TRUE TO YOUR SCHOOL!!! Well I listened almost nonstop until the very last day! There were songs I was not so familiar with, and striking versions too. Before summer’s end i spent a couple hundred dollars on cds and dvds….all these “new” songs!!! I love Ambha’s Mike Love’s daughter’s, voice!! Have not heard her this year. I hope you will play some of her recordings with her Dad. I love ADD SOME MUSIC TO YOUR DAY. I’m a LIFELONG Beach Boys fan!! Even tho they are a bit divided, I love them all, Brian and Mike, and the whole host of new members!!! Keep up the good work, guys!!! IN MY ROOM, on the beach, or in my car, you all are the BEST!!!!

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