Endless Summer Quarterly magazine’s December 2020 giveaway takes us back to December 1967, and The Beach Boys’ Wild Honey album, signed by Brian Wilson, Mike Love, Al Jardine, and Bruce Johnston.

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2) Leave your thoughts on what you think is special about The Beach Boys Wild Honey album.

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Sue Dwyer

7 months ago

I’ve been a member for nearly 2 yrs, I’m in Australia, I think wild honey is an amazing album, like so many others. I never win these thing, but there it is

Tim Copacia

7 months ago

I’ve been a subscriber of ESQ since 2015. Every issue is a joy to read! I think the Wild Honey album is special for a few reasons. Firstly, it has an unappreciated influence — it helped to usher in the era of “back to basics” rock and roll, and The Beatles even stole the album title for one of their songs! On top of that, this is the first Beach Boys record where you can really hear the individual band members’ contributions and musical influences shine through, notably Carl. Wild Honey is a breeze to listen to on any occasion because it sounds like it was a lot of fun make!

Mark Douglas Williams

7 months ago

This album is a blessing, its something that you can hear and know that you want to hear it again and again. The harmonies are there, the soul, the heart of the beach boys its all here.

Ray Taylor

7 months ago

Been a subscriber since issue #1! Wonderful form of learning about my favorite group, its called the printed page! Wild Honey is sweet and crazy just as the name implies!

Stuart Pace

7 months ago

A groovy departure from other releases. I discovered this one later in life.

Bryan Ducey

7 months ago

I’ve been a subscriber for about 3 years. What I love about Wild Honey is the R&B feel. The Sunshine Tomorrow set showed us that Brian was still very much at the helm and engaged.

Michael Brown

7 months ago

Member for two years. The Wild Honey album is one of the albums I listened to incessantly back when I first fell in love with The Beach Boys. Every song is great, especially “Country Air.”

Curt Lambert

7 months ago

I have been a subscriber on and off for several years.

I dig Wild Honey for it freshness and intimacy. The songs all sound full of life, energy, in the moment…alive. Like they are being played right from the heart, for the first time, and they engulf my senses with love and with fun. There is heart in this record. If I want to shake the cobwebs of a day away, I put on Wild Honey.

Randy Davis

7 months ago

Been a subscriber for over 5 years now, always makes my day when a new issue arrives! Wild Honey should have been as big as some of their early sixties albums, as the music had a distinct R&B flavor. It holds up very well today.

Ian McEwan

7 months ago

I’ve been a subscriber for about 20 minutes! Peaceful soul music if ever there was any – one of the best.

Chris Gaura

7 months ago

Wild Honey is my favorite Beach Boy’s album.

Joel Beaver

7 months ago

I have been a subscriber for almost a year now, above it!
As far as the Wild Honey album goes, I think it is a fantastic representation of the band in that era and features one of all time favorite Carl vocals. It’s an all around fun album and I totally dig it!

Mark Critch

7 months ago

I’ve been a subscriber since 2009. What I love about Wild Honey is it’s natural form. There certainly is a wildness to the honey on these tracks. It’s dripping in soul and experimentation. I find it impossible not to smile when it’s on. Recently, I found the cover on a facemask. I’ve yet to have anyone remark on what it’s from!

Stevan Hapgood

7 months ago

I’ve been a subscriber for a full year now. ( ESQ may have saved me all through 2020).

I love Wild Honey for its brighter, funkier sound! Over all these years, it is fresh.and vibrant. The lead track is amazing!

Martin Steel

7 months ago

I have been subscribing for about 15 years. After the drama and angst of Smile, this was chance for Brian to chill and simplify. The R’n’B flavour is refreshing, giving Carl the opportunity to show his rambunctious side. A short album but joyful

Jamie Hill

7 months ago

3+ year subscriber

There are so many awesome and great songs on the wild Honey album from my ringtone for my wife darling to let the wind blow I was made to love her all songs that have spoke to my heart and my soul for many of years

Pete Clapsis

7 months ago

I’ve been a subscriber for about two years and just renewed. Wild Honey has only gotten better with time, which makes the double meaning of honey (something you can eat and a term of endearment) all the more evident, as in “Honey, this album is as sweet and as smooth as honey”.


7 months ago

I subscribed to ESQ in 1993.

Wild Honey contains classics from the Beach Boys repertoire like the title track, Darlin, Let the wind blow and Country air.
Brian and Mike teamed one more time to deliver the goods.
Carl’s voice was strong and rocked a lot.
I have always loved their version of Stevie Wonder I was made to love her.
How she boogalooed it and I just love to see you are two little pearls nested on side two!

In 2017, Sunshine Tomorrow brought a new and interesting light on the opus.

Michael Marinelli

7 months ago

I have loved my subscription to your informative magazine for the past year. It makes me feel like I am living in the 60s with The Beach Boys. Speaking of the 60s, the 1967 release Wild Honey, is a unique record in their catalog and one of my favorites since I first heard it. It shows how The Beach Boys were yet again ahead of the curve, but at the same time, creating memorable melodies. Starting with the absolute shredder of an opener “Wild Honey”, Carl’s voice is hypnotic and entices you to hear more. “Aren’t You Glad” solidifies Mike Love’s voice as one of the best in the business. “I Was Made To Love Her” shows how The Beach Boys can cover any genre of music and make the song sound like their own. “Country Air” builds upon what “The Elements” on their unreleased album Smile could’ve been. “A Thing Or Two” is a peculiar song, but what really makes it memorable is the tempo changes. “Darlin” the iconic hit single, is the pinnacle of the album. Made only better by the recent revelatory stereo mix. “I’d Love Just Once To See You” is an interesting song, especially the monkey wrench thrown in at the end. “Here Comes The Night” shows what a versatile voice Brian has. “Let The Wind Blow” lets Brian’s eternal love for his wife shine through in his heartfelt vocal and melody. “How She Boogalooed It” shows how the other band members could cohesively make a great song. “Mama Says”, the last track on the stellar album, only whets my appetite for more Beach Boys. This album is special to their catalog, because it is The Beach Boys making music for themselves but also, engaging their fanbase. WHO COULD NOT LOVE THIS? I own this on vinyl, cd, and digital. It would cultivate my collection if I was honored to have a signed album cover to show my friends how much The Beach Boys mean to me.

Johnny Etheredge

7 months ago

Don’t really know how many years I’ve been a subscriber. I didn’t subscribe until after my pal Bob Hanes passed away. I used to freeload, reading his copies. In early 1968, I was miserable as I could be, 16 years old, and stuck in Waco, Texas. I was in a department store with my stepmother, with whom I had a very strained relationship. I escaped to the record department, where I found the Wild Honey LP in the bins. My excitement over the release of a new Beach Boys album was dashed by the fact that I didn’t have the five bucks or so that an LP cost back then. When my stepmother found me agonizing in the record department and pining over a Beach Boys album that I could not afford, she took pity on me and bought it for me. I believe that’s the only time she ever deigned to acknowledge or validate the fact that I was a rabid Beach Boys fan. A few months later, I got to see The Beach Boys twice. I saw them in Dallas, Texas, and, after having made my escape from Waco, saw them in San Diego. Their concerts in those days – “white suit” concerts – included Wild Honey material. And best of all, here’s my story about the San Diego concert. I had 4th-row seats. During the opening acts, there were three empty seats directly in front of me. During the intermission, three people came and filled those seats: Brian Wilson, his wife Marilyn, and her sister Diane. Well, you know I was just beside myself. It took a while to get up the courage to tap Brian on the shoulder and start a conversation with him. When I finally did so, he was chatty and engaging. He signed his full-page picture of my concert program for me. Years later, my ex-wife put a stack of my stuff out in the rain. That concert program was on top of the stack. The only page not damaged? Well, that would be the page with Brian’s autograph. As Bob Hanes commented at the time – “proof that there is a God!”

Brian Douglas

7 months ago

Hey everyone, I’ve been a subscriber for 3 issues now.

Wild Honey is a pretty awesome rock and soul album, and disrupts the flow of their catalog. A coworker told me they love this one just because it’s unlike their other work. It’s short, but packs a lot of punch in 23 minutes. The title track still manages to liven up live sets all these years later.

Thank you ESQ!

Marc Troglione

7 months ago

2 years

It takes me back to college where my buddy and I found it for the first time. We printed out all of the lyrics and tried to sing all of the parts. We cannot sing. It’s a rocking album, one of my favorites.

Brent Blanchard

7 months ago

I’ve been a member for about 2 years. I think Wild Honey is a very special album, as it showed a different side to what The Beach Boys were capable of, being more R&B influenced, having some of their greatest songs like Wild Honey, Aren’t You Glad & Darlin’. I’ve been a beach boys fan for as long as I can remember & I’m 19 years old; they’re my inspiration!

Michele Wolpert

7 months ago

My husband is a HUGE
Beach Boys fan, what an awesome Christmas Present 🎁 this would be ☮️💕🙏🏻🙌🏻

Justin Pettry

7 months ago

Absolutely love this album!

Robert baggett

7 months ago

I am the biggest beach boys fan ever especially when it was the original band with Carl and Dennis

francesco massa

7 months ago

Whatever the Beach Boys produced from 1966 to 1971 is an absolute masterpiece, but this album remains one of my all time favorites!

Charles Daly

7 months ago

I’ve been a subscriber for about a month, and Wild Honey to be is special because of it’s funky rock vibe

Trevor Dailey

7 months ago

I’ve been a subscriber for just about 4 months. Wild Honey is such a hidden gem in music and in the beach boys catalogue and is one of my personal favourites.

Tom Maddox

7 months ago

Been a subscriber sence the early 90s Wild Honey is one of there best albums. Love the cover lots of great music in 2018 when they released the 50th anniversary I took the CD to the concert in Galveston Texas when I had Bruce signed it he didn’t know it was released he went through every page and ask what did I think about it I told him it was great Mike also look at every page and sign it that was great

greg feret

7 months ago

years ago I used to subscribe to ESQ (but my subscribing days to anything now are long behind me). I purchased WH–both the 45 and LP–when they first debuted end of ’67. I liked the title song a lot and Darlin’ too (can play both fairly well on the piano) but of course had great disappointment in the phoney stereo aspect issue for so many years. It was a cheat and I’m certainly glad modern remixings have attempted to rectify that

Kitty Hooymans

7 months ago

I have been a subscriber since 2015.

Wild Honey is such a vibrant album, too bad it’s just 24 minutes long!
I like the soulfulness of this album. Although the recordings are a bit “lo-fi”, the arrangements are still quite complicated and original. And Brian Wilson still recorded some songs in a modular way, like Aren’t You Glad and A Thing or Two.
My favorite tracks are Country Air, which is very peaceful, and Let the Wind Blow, which has a lead melody, bass melody and harmonies.

Charles Sauer

7 months ago

Since the beginning in San Diego

Love the soul in the music and so many great Carl vocal moments

Tyler Partnow

7 months ago

I’ve been subscribed for a little over a year now, and I think wild honey is an amazing album because there’s no other in the Beach Boys discography that sounds like it. Of course it was pretty much produced by the whole band and the lo fi motown sound gives these soulful songs such a unique feel.

Liam O'Sullivan

7 months ago

New subscriber. Just a couple of issues in but enjoyed them very much. Wild Honey has long been a favourite; the beach boys in their unadorned essence.

Vincenzo Ali Barrientos Verona

7 months ago

Member since 1 year , Wild Honey has one of the beautiful sounds and harmonies ever done by Brian and the Beach Boys, this album was one of the first Beach Boys albums that really catch my ear when I was in school , specially with Darlin’ , what a cozy melody!

Jason Berk

7 months ago

Recent subscriber, but lifetime fan of the band! This is such a unique entry in their catalog – it packs a lot of warmth and soul into just over twenty minutes. A superb vocal showcase for Carl, and an album that manages to return to the more stripped-down instrumentation of their early records while still moving their sound further.

Michael OBrien

7 months ago

I am not currently a subscriber but that may change right NOW! I must say this LP is special and striking because it thrives on what David Bowie later coined as “plastic soul.” It also proves that the Boys were certainly not a one-trick pony, and this album ages better than most in their catalog.

Ted Nitschke

7 months ago

I have been a subscriber since the beginning and Wild Honey is pretty damn dope. It’s got some dank jams on it.

Justin Hamilton

7 months ago

Wild Honey is such an underrated Gem. Fell in love with it the past few months. The title track, Aren’t You Glad, and Darlin are among their best!

Dennis Lee King

7 months ago

Have been a subscriber since the early 90s. I love the soulful feel to “Wild Honey”. I also love how Carl was able to expand vocally like never before on this release.

Tyler Davis

7 months ago

I’ve been a subscriber since June. Wild Honey was a special album because it was the first great post “Classic” period album for the Beach Boys. I ended up liking the music from 1967-1972 even better than the music from 1961-1966. It was panned by Rolling Stone, and as a teenager, I foolishly thought those reviews were accurate, luckily I decided to listen for myself!

John Manning

7 months ago

I’ve been a subscriber for at least 11 years and reckon the recent Al Jardine collector’s edition was the best yet – Al delivered the goods and his memory for detail is amazing.

Wild Honey is the bridging album between Smiley Smile and Friends. Although to my mind it lacks the delectable exquisite moments that define those other two albums, it embraces some great RnB moments as well as some laid-back psychedelia; it represents a momentary step back to the fuller productions that made Brian Wilson’s earlier albums so outstandingly good.

Dawn Murphy

7 months ago

I have been a Beach Boy fan since early childhood. Been a member of ESQ for several years.

DJ Kenter

7 months ago

I have been subscribed to ESQ for a few months now. I really enjoyed the most recent issue on Keepin’ the Sumer Alive’s 40th anniversary. Very curious if we’ll ever hear the boys’ attempt at “Can’t Wait Too Long” from those sessions.

To me, Wild Honey is where Carl came into his own. Darlin’ and the title track are classics. Peter Ames Carlin’s Catch A Wave book gave me a newfound appreciation for I’d Love Just Once To See You, such a goofy tune. Aren’t You Glad is a wonderful song, Let the Wind Blow is my current favorite from the album. The bridge is one of my favorite things The Beach Boys did in the sixties. Just such an incredible album, truly one of their best.

Rich Cunningham

7 months ago

I’ve been a subscriber for almost two years, but have admired Dave’s commitment to America’s band for years. What I found most enjoyable about Wild Honey (having been there when it was first released) was the way it transitioned from the car/surf/girls on the beach atmosphere to a more mellow late ’60’s groove without making any musical sacrifices. This album shows a band that was going through changes, maturing in their musical writing and performing. And they did it without compromising their vocals, or the harmonies. Each track stands on its own, but collectively they form a nice, pleasant listening experience. “Country Air” is one of my favorites, along with “Let the Wind Blow” and the title track. It stands the test of time and sounds as fresh today as it did over 50 years ago.

Cwoozie Richter

7 months ago

I sadly have been an ESQ subscriber for only two months, but I wish I had subscribed sooner! I have been a Beach Boys fan my entire life thanks to my Dad and I am grateful for it. Wild Honey is one of my all-time favorite Beach Boys albums and has so much to offer. It has excellent vocals and harmony, the soul within the album is so rich and heartfelt, and the compositions are spectacular! The album is truly beautiful and really is a treasure.

Hal Scheie

7 months ago

Been a subscriber at least 10 years and I love Carl’s voice on the album.


7 months ago

I’ve been a subscriber for about 15 years. Wild Honey … love at first sight! The cover so attractive (later I learned it was a photo of one of the stained glass windows in Brian’s home in Bel Air). And when I started to listen, gosh … R&B, soul, pop … these guys are genius!! Wild Honey so full of energy (Carl at one of his peak), “I’d Love Just Once To See You” (really love this song), “Here Comes The Night,” “I Was Made To Love Her,” “Darlin'” … no words can describe Carl’s voice, only listen to it! Can’t forget the live version of Darlin’ at Knebworth 1980 … Wow, wow, wow! A special place in my heart for “Let The Wind Blow,” when I listen to the last words that reflect so well a special feeling when you’re in love: “don’t take her out of my life, please keep her a part of my life …” like Beach Boys music.

Cameron Newport

7 months ago

New subscriber to the mag. Looking forward to what’s to come.

Cameron S Catalano

7 months ago

I’ve been a subscriber since 2019 and have accumulated many back issues in the meantime! Wild Honey is what I view as the start of Brian handing the production reigns over to Carl. In addition, Carl’s given more breadth to shine as a lead vocalist and does a great job at that. How ‘Let the Wind Blow’ and ‘Aren’t You Glad’ didn’t help propel this album to wider acclaim in its day is baffling. The Sunshine Tomorrow stereo mix is also an excellent angle to experience the album

Cheri Richter

7 months ago

I sadly have been an ESQ subscriber for only two months now, but wish I had subscribed sooner! I have been a Beach Boys fan my entire life thanks to my Dad. The Beach Boys Wild Honey album is one of my all-time favorites and it has so much to offer. The vocals and harmony on the album are superb, the album has such soul that is so rich and heartfelt, and the compositions are just spectacular! “Let The Wind Blow” is one of my favorites along with “Wild Honey,” “Here Comes The Night,” and”Darlin”. The album really is a beautiful showcase of Carl’s lovely vocals and talent, which blends so well with the rest of the guys. I love the genius of the chords and creative use of instruments, it shows Brian’s talents well. This album is truly a treasure in the Beach Boys catalog.

Grant Paxson

7 months ago

Good Vibrations to The Beach Boys!!! Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

Alex Lawson

7 months ago

I’ve just heard about ESQ from – who else – Brian Wilson! Great magazine!

I absolutely love Wild Honey, a perfect album really. What’s not to love? From the stained glass album cover to the sick opening of the theremin on the cover track – it doesn’t really quit.

Solid Beach Boys outing for sure!

Pat Callaghan

7 months ago

I’ve been a subscriber for about a decade.
The Wild Honey album holds a special place in the heart of this lifelong fan. Despite its brevity, it displays so many facts of what makes the Beach Boys so special– harmonies (Country Air), heart (Aren’t you Glad, Mama Says), and humor (the tag to I’d Love Just Once to See You).
It’s a record the world needed then and now!

Lori Goldstein

7 months ago

I’ve been a subscriber to ESQ since December 14th when a HS classmate told me about it. Up to that point, I did not know ESQ existed. And what makes the Beach Boys Wild Honey Album special is the unique cover with no photo likeness of the Beach Boys just a psychedelic design.

P.S. December 15th which is the day of the drawing is my 66th birthday

Brian Long

7 months ago

Wild Honey has always been both my and my younger brother’s favorite album and we’re both in our twenties! My favorite track, Darlin! I love it, always takes me to a good place!

Jeannine Gallenstein

7 months ago

Great stuff

Matthew Dias

7 months ago

I have been a subscriber to ESQ since earlier this year, though I have bought (and still plan to buy) some back issues which I have found very interesting, especially about the recordings of various albums (so far I have issues on Wild Honey, Lei’d in Hawaii, Sunflower, Keepin’ the Summer Alive, and Al’s A Postcard from California). I love Wild Honey, and it is definitely one of my favorite of the band’s albums. The band’s vocals (and their instrumentation, 99% of the time, when compared to Pet Sounds or SMiLE) mesh surprisingly well with R&B. The first time I heard the title track at a Brian and Al (and Blondie) show I was a little confused, but I eventually grew to like it. Aren’t You Glad and Darlin’ are probably my favorites, and both are classics.

Justin Riner

7 months ago

I’ve been a subscriber for a year now.
I learned about the Wild Homey album thanks to Blondie Chaplin’s performance with Brian. The first time I heard/saw that performance I was hooked. Then, after picking it up, listened to it the full way through for weeks. It expanded my idea of what The Beach Boys are and encouraged me to start my deep dive into the full catalog.

My wife and I love the title track so much that we requested it from our wedding band. They then, that night, invited me to join them in performing it. It’ll always be the song I sang at my wedding.

Liutauras Trapnauskas

7 months ago

I am not subscribing to ESQ, but I am here to show some BIG love for Brian and the friends! I discovered Wild Honey after Smile, and that was amazing. This stuff was different, but I loved it much. Same psychedelia, but different in another way. Less experimental but more pop album. Still, this is one of my fave albums.
With love

Hekla Egilsdóttir

7 months ago

Honestly, I just subscribed today but have been a fan since I can remember. This album holds a huge place in my heart, it’s such a different sound for them that’s completely unique to this album, which I think makes it so special. Also one of my all time favourites is on there; Darlin’. Always puts me in a good mood!

Brooxie Smith

7 months ago

I’m a new subscriber for the past year (3-4 issues), but have a lot of the back issues. All Beach Boys albums are special because they are The Beach Boys!! 🙂

Mark DeLonge

7 months ago

Only subscribed for a day but I love the beach boys and wild honey is a very underrated album.

Tim Brownrigg

7 months ago

I’m not a current subscriber. This album is magical as it is a big departure from the older stuff and it really grows on you over time.

Michael Williams

7 months ago

This and Sergeant Pepper are the most iconic LP sleeve designs of the ‘60s, with Wild Honey the sweetest!

Camden McKimm

7 months ago

I’ve been subscribed to the magazine for 6 months. I have always thought Wild Honey was an underrated album. It is close to the same level of creativity as Pet Sounds and SMiLE, it is just more of a low-fi feeling similar to Friends. The vocals are further back in the mixes on Wild Honey which distinguishes to eras of the Brian Wilson-led Beach Boys. The first era (Capitol era) is heavily vocal-oriented and the second era (post Pet Sounds) is more wall of sound oriented. Wild Honey features lead vocals from several members of the band too, and it is just a good vibe all in all.


7 months ago

Amazing album! Carl’s voice on Darlin’ too good! By far my favorite Beach Boys era

Evan Ketterer

7 months ago

Hey I would really like the signed album. I’m in my 20s and I make very beach boys/ pet sounds type music. It would be amazing… I haven’t listened to this album much so it would be cool to have it while I listen. I’m just subbing now. Thank you

Keith Drozdowski

7 months ago

I just joined. this is awesome stuff. Very insightful. Thanks.

Robert Leone

7 months ago

I have been a subscriber to ESQ for only a year, but believe it or not, a Beach Boy fan since I first purchased Shut Down Vol 2 at the ripe old age of 7. Ok, my mom bought it for me. I was hooked. I’m 63 now., so I do remember and bought Wild Honey in 1967. It was a raw and stand out album for me. I believe it was a musical turn of the page for the guys. Country Air is one of my favorites.

Pauline Richard

7 months ago

Not a subscriber, but this album was so influential on two young men from Versailles that they decided to start a band called Darlin’. Which later became known as Daft Punk.
(funnily enough, I bought a vinyl reissue last week while I was supposed to be Christmas shopping for my nephews)

Jeremy Reese

7 months ago

I love The Beach Boys and this album very much hope I win

Robert Smitherson

7 months ago

First heard this album when I was 14 after I bought It from a vinyl store near my home with my saved up lunch money, parents weren’t happy but I was. Favorite track has to be Country Air I find It very enjoyable close second has to be Here comes the Night. In the last giveaway I said I was subscribed on a old account, but couldn’t remember but subscription went for 4 years.

Dave Conrad

7 months ago

I’m not an ESQ subscriber, yet, but I’m going to sign up. I love Beach Boys music! For me, it’s not only inspirational. It’s therapeutic. Even if I’m having a bummer of a day, all it takes is a Beach Boys tune to pick me back up. And “Wild Honey” certainly has plenty of those kinds of tunes. It’s soulful, man, & I “eat it up”. It was a return to simplicity & gave Carl a chance to shine while allowing his bandmates to show their individual talents to an extent. My favorite cuts are “Darlin'” & “Aren’t You Glad?”. Although, it first came out about four years before I really got into them (I regret that I wasn’t a fan since their inception. I call those 10 years my “lost years”) and was panned, that album clearly demonstrated the evolution of the band & its music in a way that, I’m sure, surprised many critics. “Wild Honey” is SWEET! Sock it to me!

Phil Miglioratti

7 months ago

20 years!?

Wild Honey is unique in The Beach Boys catalogue.
Hawthorne + Motown = an amazing soundscape!

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