A little “Shortenin’ Bread” for Thanksgiving

“Metal Beach” / “Shortenin’ Bread”
By Scott Mathews
Guest writer

Is there a better track than “Shortenin’ Bread”? It comes out of “Ding Dang” and all the rest, that’s all – to this day – that Brian wants to play. Call it whatever it is … it’s that! Whenever Brian and I get together I always bring up that song because I know he’s always going to get excited.

In 1989 I got an advanced copy of Paul Shaffer’s Coast To Coast album. One day I’m on the phone with Paul, and he wants to know what I think of the Brian track,  “Metal Beach.” I said something like, “I’ve always loved ‘Shortenin’ Bread’.” Paul had absolutely no idea that that was “Shortenin’ Bread.” Once I said that he realized it was and was so pissed! [Laughs] I mean, you’ve got to laugh! When you work with Brian the “Shortenin’ Bread” riff is part of the deal. Paul was furious … and I was like ‘don’t kill the messenger’.

Written by Brian Wilson & Paul Shaffer
Vocal & Keyboards – Brian Wilson
Vocal & Keyboards – Paul Shaffer
Guitars – Dick Dale, Joe Satriani, Joe Walsh
Saxophone – “Teenage” Steve Douglas
Hihat Cymbal – Mick Fleetwood
Percussion – Brian Wilson
Drums – Michael Bernard
Spoken word intro – Eugene Landy
Recorded December 1988 – January 1989 Produced by Brian Wilson & Paul Shaffer

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