Endless Summer Quarterly magazine’s November 2020 giveaway takes us back to The Beach Boys Official 1968 Tour Program (complete with original full-color pull-out poster), signed by Brian Wilson (not pictured), Mike Love, Al Jardine, and Bruce Johnston.

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Tim Copacia

7 months ago

I have been a subscriber of ESQ since 2015. What I think is special about the Friends album is how peaceful and reassuring it sounds. I was not alive during 1968, but the current events of the time were anything but status quo, and the majority of music being made at the time reflected that. Coupled with the well-documented, tumultuous period in Brian Wilson’s life, and it’s nothing short of incredible that he was able to bring his band together to record this gem of an album. I’m really glad to see Friends finally getting the recognition it deserves in recent years. Cheers to one of the great, unique and still under appreciated Beach Boys albums!


7 months ago


I subscribed to ESQ in 1993 and I still have all the issues.

The 1968 tour program dates from difficult times being a BBs fan: We were only a few to listen to that music; News were rare at the times down here in France.
Got to listen to 208 radio Luxemburg to get some information!!!

An old but not mouldy fan!


Quentin Collier

7 months ago

I’ve been a subscriber to ESQ for 2 years and I wish I’d done it sooner though back issues are on my Christmas list.

Friends never fails to cheer me up. Although I change my mind I always come back to saying “When a Man Needs a Woman” is my favourite Beach Boys track which I know is an unusual choice but I just love it. The guitar parts at the beginning are amazing and Brian’s voice is perfect. Also Busy Doin Nothin has the maddest woodwind stuff going on. The chords are mind blowing. Dennis shines too. Although not on the album the Meant For You MIC version with that chord progression is sooo good.

Joel Beaver

7 months ago

Well I have been a subscriber now for nearly a year now and I couldn’t be happier.
As far as the Friends album, I think it is a highly underrated album. There are so many songs on it that are among my personal favorites of their catalog. I think the fact that it’s overshadowed by the previous records is a shame and a lot of people don’t seem to see what is cool and different about it.

Brian Douglas

7 months ago

I’ve been a subscriber since fall of 2020.

Friends has been a grower album for me, I’ve come to appreciate the mellow mood. I was fortunate to catch Brian Wilson, Al, and Blondie perform many of the tracks on their recent tour, and catching this music live highlighted the great arrangements. And what can I say, it’s probably some of the best album art to grace a Beach Boy’s album.

Thank you Endless Summer Quarterly for keeping the love for the Beach Boys alive!

Larry Brown

7 months ago

I’ve been a subscriber off and on (mostly on) for about ten years now. Friends is a unique album to me, because from the cover art to the lyrics to the music, you feel at ease and at home, welcome into the circle of love and friendship of The Beach Boys. I can never hear the title song without thinking of and relating the lyrics to my lifelong best friend – “I talked your folks out of making you cut off your hair…”. The album oozes tranquility and warmth, and gives me those same feelings, like putting on a nice soft sweater in the fall – Friends indeed.

Jamie Hill

7 months ago

Subscriber for 3 years now

What makes The Friends album so special to me is it’s a turning point in the groups growth and development.

Nick Plakoris

7 months ago

I’ve been a long term subscriber to ESQ since 2004/5.
I’ve been a fan of The Beach Boys since 1968 and attended my first concert at the Commack Arena in 1969. As a long-time fan of the group, having ESQ has been a tremendous source of information on the group which did not exist at that time.
What’s special about Friends is that The Beach Boys released an album that was so soft and sweet and was so totally different from albums and music at that time released by rock/pop bands. It was like they and Brian were saying we are going to do what we like and feel is right rather than conform to what was the norm for that time. Often this was tough for hardcore fans and the band at the time because we along with the band were subject to lots of ridicule from our peers and critics. But in hindsight, the beauty of Friends stands the test of time in music and is now embraced by many of those sources who were initially not on board.

Kitty Hooymans

7 months ago

I’ve been a subscriber to ESQ since 2015.
I was used to the early Beach Boys sound when I first heard Friends after being a fan for 2 years. I didn’t like it, it was too different. But when I tried it a year later I loved it! There are a lot of different melodies within one song, like short fragments glued together (in a good way). The whole album sounds very mellow and peaceful. And the album cover is my favorite of all the Beach Boys albums!


7 months ago

I have been a subscriber for over 2 years and really enjoy the magazines. The songs that I always loved from the Friends lp are the title track ,Wake the World and Diamond Head. In September 2019 we caught Brian in concert in Cincinnati. It was the Something Great From 68 Tour with the Zombies. These songs never sounded better. Diamond Head in particular was played by Brian’s band to perfection.

Dennis Wood

7 months ago

Hi ESQ, I have been a subscriber since 2004, about 16 years. I still have almost all of the quarterly magazines I have received. The Friends album is unique in the Beach Boys catalog in that it’s a collection of songs with themes of spiritual tranquility stillness, and relaxation referenced in just about every song Counselors have used this record for therapy for people dealing with trauma or substance abuse issues. This album is a precursor to the mindfulness movement that has become popular in recent years. Song titles like Anna Lee The Healer, Be Still, Busy Doin’ Nothin’, and Transcendental Meditation really echo the spiritual themes throughout the record. Thanks again, Dennis Wood

Trevor Pelcz

7 months ago

Hello! I have been an ESQ subscriber since 2012 when I saw The Beach Boys live for the first time during their 50th anniversary tour! My dad introduced me to The Beach Boys when I was young and have been a fan ever since! When I found out there was a magazine dedicated to my favorite band I immediately subscribed!!

I am always trying to decide which Beach Boys album is my favorite and my decision changes every month if not every week. But the Friends album is always at the top of my rotation because of its easy listening qualities and relaxing sounds. From start to finish I find myself enjoying every moment of it! From the meditative introduction of “Meant For You,” to the build-up from night time to the excitement of another great day to come full of happiness in “Wake the World,” to my personal favorite “Busy Doin’Nothin’,” which makes me imagine being home on an early summer evening in California awaiting a friend to come over. The peaceful and relaxing sounds of Diamond Head always put me in a tranquil state of mind and I absolutely love Dennis Wilson’s “Little Bird,” which is also one of my favorite songs on the album!!

Probably one of the main reasons why this is one of my favorite Beach Boys albums is because it has a lot of the great Brian Wilson qualities in every song and you get a little bit from every band member as well! It’s an all-around just a Wonderful album! It’s easy to go on and on about how great The Friends album is but these are just some of my thoughts on what is special to me about this album!!


7 months ago

Congrats Trevor. You’ve been selected to receive this item.

Trevor Pelcz

7 months ago

Thank You!!! “Celebrating the news”!

Pat Callaghan

7 months ago

I’ve been an ESQ subscriber for about a decade, but a Beach Boys fan since 1964!
Friends has a special place in the Boys’ catalog because of its gentle, welcoming spirit (see Busy Doin’ Nothing, in which Brian gives us directions to his house, and When A Man Needs a Woman, awaiting the arrival of a child). The record is peaceful- a rarity in such a tumultuous year as 1968. It is a fine group effort, and it gives us the first real indication of Dennis’ compositional gifts.
Just a wonderful listen anytime.

Michel MUSTO

7 months ago

I’m from France and have been a subscriber for two years.
What is so special with friends is that this album is so, so sweet, and so, so relaxing. An album to feel good and apaising. Friends is the last LP for a long time, where Brian seems to be concerned. The other thing with that album is that it opens a new aera. The aera where Dennis became a great artist. It is the time when Dennis, the surfer, the pilot, the playboy, transform himself in the 2nd genius of the band. What to say about “Little Bird”, except that it’s a masterpiece.
The LP is great. And as a conclusion, did you ever saw on another album, by any artist, a bossa nova, Brazilian style, followed by a Hawaiin style tune, followed by a Big band style tune? That’s the magic of this LP. So different things on a very coherent piece of art!

Curt Lambert

7 months ago

I have been a subscriber to ESQ off and on for around 10 years – I think.
To me the FRIENDS album is all about love. Love for our families, our friends, our life, our world.

Bryan Ducey

7 months ago

I’ve been a subscriber for about 3 years. The Friends album is special because of the laid back feel. The harmonies are great and the songs just capture a mood.

Mark Critch

7 months ago

Hi! I’m from Canada and I’ve been a subscriber since 2011 and I haven’t regretted a second or a page. What I love about the Friends album is really more of a personal thing. It was the first of their albums that I discovered that didn’t have the ‘surfing’ vibe. I’m 46 and fell in love with the band by listening to my brothers Endless Summer album as a kid. I bought everything I could buy in my home province of Newfoundland in the 80’s, there wasn’t much. When I found a used copy of Friends, I was shocked by this ‘new to me’ sound. When I later found a copy of Pet Sounds, I started to see that there was much more to them. For me, Friends was a door that opened onto a lifetime fascination that went beyond the hits. I love it.

Tom Maddox

7 months ago

Been a subscriber off and on sence the early 90s and just got the new winter issue today . Friends album always love the cover the lp itself at to grow with me but I have 5 different issues from around the world

DJ Kenter

7 months ago


I am a new subscriber of ESQ and I very much enjoyed my first issue, featuring a terrific interview with Al Jardine.

The beauty of pretty much everything The Beach Boys did from 1968-1973 is the unique sound that comes with each album. Wild Honey doesn’t sound like Smiley Smile doesn’t sound like Surf’s Up doesn’t sound like Carl and the Passions. What’s so great about Friends, however, is it seems to live in its own little bubble in The Beach Boys discography.

It’s short and to the point; isn’t trying to make some grand statement, but still takes itself seriously. It’s certainly one of their most peaceful, calming albums. As with any great Beach Boys album, the harmonies are the highlight. Sometimes, I have to turn off songs like Little Bird, Anna Lee, The Healer and Be Here In the Mornin’ because they’re TOO good. My feeble brain is unable to process the sheer beauty of these complex, gorgeous vocal arrangements. Like anything Brian Wilson touches, the voice of God is omnipresent throughout the album Friends.

Kyle Rogers

7 months ago

I’ve been a subscriber for just a couple months. I think what makes Friends a special album is it’s uniquely mellow vibe. Listening to it is like taking a break from everything and just relaxing for 25 minutes.

Tyler partnow

7 months ago

I haven’t been subscribed for very long (a little over a year or so now), but I definitely know what’s special about “Friends”. There’s a certain magic to that album that makes it stand out in their discography. In 1968 most bands were interested in turning up the fuzz and abandoning all previous sounds in order to stand out. “Friends” sticks out like a sore thumb in comparison to other albums from that time, but that’s the beauty of it. There’s nothing like it, even in the rest of their discography. The lighthearted, nostalgic feel that the album brings is absolutely something special.

Patti Mierzwa

7 months ago

Would love to give this to my husband for Christmas huge Brian wilson fan for years. We go to all concerts in nj NY when Brian tours. Thank you!!!

Stephen Rue

7 months ago

Wouldn’t it be nice to own this

Trevor Dailey

7 months ago

I’ve only been a subscriber for a few months. Wish I would’ve found this earlier. What I think is special about the Friends album is that it truly seems to be a group album. It also has some of the best songs lyric wise from all of the guys and had one of Dennis’ first songs.

Gary Pagano

7 months ago

Friends reframed what pop music is and what it potentially can be transcending all expectations and boundaries while still being totally accessible

Matthias Massmann

7 months ago

I am a subscriber for five minutes now, and I cannot wait to receive my first issue of ESQ. “Friends” is the album the Beach Boys recorded at the time I was born (March 1968), so both of us are about the same age. Besides, it proves that a waltz can make a good pop song.

Loïc Delarue

7 months ago

Im 32. Im french and I grew up with LP music from the 60s every days. Everyone at school told me ” How old are you? “. But now LP and vibs from the 60s and 70s are back and famous.

I saw Brian on Paris in 2017 for the 50th Pet Sounds.iy was amazing. I like the Beatles too. Ill be happy to got this giveway and put in on my music room. Sorry for my english 😀


Sam Lauer

7 months ago

1. I have been subscribed to ESQ since last Christmas when my father bought a subscription for me. I really enjoy it so I will be continuing to subscribe!
2. The Beach Boys Friends album is very special because its such a complex yet calming and easy to listen to album. Each song may seem more simple until you listen multiple times and understand what’s going on that makes them so great. It also contains 2 of my favorite songs, Little Bird, and Friends, and my favorite instrumental, Diamond Head.

Ewan Macdonald

7 months ago

I’ve subbed on and off for around three years now.

Friends is a wonderfully ambient album. Mellow and understated. And it gets better with age!

Charles D Jones

7 months ago

Friends embodied the essence of The Beach Boys. More than just friends they were family, incuding Al and Bruce. Friends and family don’t always agree bit in the music of this album they blend together to make something bigger.

Jim Murtaugh

7 months ago

I’m not sure how long I’ve been subscribing, maybe 5 years? I ordered all the available back issues. I bought Friends in the cheapie bin shortly after it’s release. During those times of the emerging hard rock scene, Friends was like a friend, calm, peaceful and reassuring. It still possessed many of the songwriting quirks that Brian became famous for, so the album was remarkably innovative. It can soothe during times of trouble. Dennis began his emergence as a gifted songwriter. Seeing Brian and his incredible band perform tracks from Friends was a bit unexpected but uplifting and inspirational. Also, Friends was the gateway to 20/20 and the albums beyond. All the boys shared in the songwriting credits on Friends. In an album loaded with great songs, the wordless Passing By remains my favorite

Charles Daly

7 months ago

I am a new subscriber (just a few minutes)! There are many special things about “Friends”– the carefree, low-fi vibes; the introspective, reflective lyrics; but most of all the love that radiates from every song. It’s one of my favorites. 🙂

Brian Long

7 months ago

I love this so much! I subscribed earlier this year, 2020 was certainly the year to do so! I love The Beach Boys, I love ESQ, they have great articles, great stories, thank you!

Dawn Murphy

7 months ago

I have been a subscriber to ESQ for only a few years now but I grew up listening to and loving the Beach Boys since very early childhood. My early memories are of beautiful ballads such as Warmth Of The Sun and Please Let Me Wonder. The Friends album to me is songs of love, friendship, innocence and sunshine. Written in an era of utter turmoil in the United States with hard rock music taking center stage among youth, Friends is a calm and peaceful breath of fresh air. Collaboration of Brian and Dennis Wilson with American poet Stephen Kalinich brought us such songs as Little Bird and encouraged Dennis’ song writing talents. Inspired by Transcendental Meditation it brings about the beautiful harmonies of which the Beach Boys are so very famous for.

John Tilden

7 months ago

I’ve been a subscriber to ESQ for some years and collected issues prior to my unbroken run. ‘Friends’ has been the album I think I have listened to the most. It soothes me at night to get ready to fall asleep. “Little Bird” is usually the song I reference as the standout for me but there’s something I like about all of them!

Rod Switzer

7 months ago

Subscriber since the early 90’s. I play the Friends lp for my grandkids and they love it! Kids under 10 do not have tact. If they didn’t like it, they’d say so. They just want to hear it over and over again.

Michael Vizard

7 months ago

Hey All…I just signed up today…I had a Velzy Popout Surfboard back in ’67 and surfed Lake Michigan…I considered myself a surfer even though the waves were small…I saw Brian in Concert at Meijer Gardens in Grand Rapids, MI in 2011…Loved the show…I would love to win the autographed photo…Thanks for the Music..I just had the Christmas Album playing yesterday..Stay Safe me friend

Jeffrey Lyon

7 months ago

Have not subscribed yet. All The Beach Boys albums are special. There are not many artists out there that have a whole catalog of classics.

Randy LeMasters

7 months ago

This would be a perfect birthday (and Christmas!) gift for a 50 year fan of The Beach Boys who doesn’t have any autographed memorabilia in his collection! ❤️

Mike Devich

7 months ago

I don’t subscribe to ESQ yet, but it sounds really fun. I bought the Friends album back in the ’60s, and it immediately became one of my favorite Beach Boys albums. It just has a terrific vibe to it, very mellow.

Peter Gordon

7 months ago

I have not subscribed to ESQ because I was not aware of it, but now I plan to start. I’ve been a Beach Boys fan since I was a kid in the sixties, and remain grateful that I was able to see Brian live in January 2020 in Miami. I wrote my senior thesis at Yale in 1980 about 60s rock, and featured the Beach Boys. I listened to Friends every night during the final semester of my senior year,, doing “research.” The real reason was, no matter how anxious I was about my future, the music soothed me, knowing it was meant for me, reminding me I had friends.

Robert Smitherson

7 months ago

Was a subscriber of ESQ for a couple of years on a old account since forgotten, I find It calmer and softer than the albums they released before and after It, I first heard the album when I was 5 when my old man played it on vinyl. About a year ago I saw on YouTube that they uploaded the wake the world friends session and they had a lot of alternatives of songs that were amazing to listen to such as Wake the World, Meant For You, When A Man Meets A Woman, Even Steven and the Passing By demo which was my favorite by far to listen since I had no idea that there were lyrics for the song. It Is definitely my favorite Beach Boys album and has been for a very long time.

Lester Gordon

7 months ago

Hi! I’ve been a subscriber of ESQ since 2014 and loving every issue!

My favourite part of the friends album is the relaxed and generally fun atmosphere of it. It feels very close and intimate. With the instrumentation beautifully restrained creating a interesting contrast with the rich and complexly produced albums like Today, Pet Sounds and SMiLE. It has a cool calming atmosphere which focuses your attention on the main parts of the song and that makes it incredibly effective. Overall it’s this stripped back and focused nature of its musical content and production that keeps me coming back to this wonderful album. A true classic in the Beach Boys catalog.

Roberto Tognaccini

6 months ago

I have bene a subscriber of ESQ for 15 Years! “Friends”, really love this album!! In Italy in the ’90 was very hard to find Beach Boys album, only with the CD reissue in the early 2000 i had the chance to listen all the catogue! At this time the only chance to buy the BB CD was to order in a record shop near the city where i live…i’ll never forget the day the owner call me and Said to me that the CD finally arrived in the shop! Wow, i was so excited to listen all the BB songs, to Discover the history to surfin from Getcha Back! The reissue in fact arrive until The Beach Boys 1985! But some Years before the reissue i was in Florence and in a Little shop with my big Surprise i found a Twofer BB CD, Friends-20/20! This was my very first approach with Friends, and i fell in love with this songs since the First Time! My favourite Song Wake the World, how i love It! And Friends!! Meant for you, songs that brings to you feelings of peace, good humour! And for the very First Time i Discover Dennis Voice…Be still!!! Love love love Friends!!

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