The Beach Boys On Tour 1966
Surfboards, Stratocasters, Striped Shirts giveaway

Wouldn’t it be nice …

Endless Summer Quarterly magazine’s 2020 holiday giveaway is here!

This holiday’s giveaway features The Beach Boys On Tour 1966 • Surfboards, Stratocasters, Striped Shirts hardcover book.

Winning comments will be selected throughout November and December, and mailed out it time for Christmas!

To be eligible:
1) Enter how long you’ve been a subscriber to ESQ
2) Leave your thoughts on what you appreciate the most about the band as a touring unit in 1966.

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Sue Dwyer

7 months ago

I think I’ve been a member for just over a year, I live in Australia, there is no better way to keep informed about the beach boys than to receive ESQ magazine full of great information. I would love to win this to add to my collection, and pass down to my grandkids

Bryan Ducey

7 months ago

Subscriber for 3 years. I love that the group is playing Pet Sounds material during the 1966 tour.


7 months ago

I have been a subscriber for about 3 years and enjoy the magazine immensely. I was not aware of the book Surfboards, Stratocasters and Striped Shirts until seeing it in the post and it has peaked my interest. Although I did not see the Beach Boys live until the 70’s, the 60’s would have been them in their prime. A cool era, looking clean with the striped shirts A time when they embodied the surf scene at it’s best. A time when their music was fresh and new. I can imagine the crowds screaming throughout their set. It would have been an incredible time to see them.

John Tilden

7 months ago

1. I’ve been a subscriber consistently over the last several years and was before that as my budget allowed.
2. What I love about the touring unit of 1966 (and this is hindsight) is how young they all look, and how tight as a band they have had time to become. Adding Bruce was the last element that persisted for a LONG time vocally. I wish I had been able to see Dennis live and so vibrant…I was too young and he was gone by the time I was going to concerts.

To borrow from Ringo–peace and love to all ESQ subscribers and BB fans. It would be great to win a copy of this book as it’s one of the few I don’t already have! 🙂

Tom Maddox

7 months ago

Been a subscriber sence the nineties and the first time I saw the Beach Boys was 1981 in Houston Texas at The Summit

Murray Passarieu

7 months ago

I’ve been a subscriber probably for 6 months and I love that they added Good Vibrations in ’66 and that Mike played the “woo woo machine.”.

Kelly Florentine

7 months ago

I have been a subscriber for about 17 years and still look forward to every issue! What I love about the 1966 touring Beach Boys is that they formed an onstage personality of their own while Brian was back home recording the backing tracks for what would become Pet Sounds. This also gave Bruce Johnston the chance to really become a full time Beach Boy.

Peter Staehr Hansen

7 months ago

I have been member for many, many years I have seen the first concert in copenhagen in 1966 and the Last in 2012 I have seen Them 6 times and Brian Wilson 5 times in Denmark

Michel MUSTO

7 months ago

Hi! I’ve been a subscriber for two years. I live in France. I really love the touring Beach Boys unit of 1966 for a lot of reasons. But the ONE that is the principal, it’s because it’s in 1966 the band started playing what will stay, for me, the highlight of each of their shows for all the band’s concerts that will follow this period threw all the years: “God Only Knows”, by the great Carl Wilson. The most beautiful moment of all Beach Boys concerts ’till 1998. I will miss that forever.

Lucy Denning

7 months ago

I have been a member for several years. I love when the ESQ shows up. I would love to add this to my collection along with the photos and information. I was fortunate to see Brian Wilson 3 years ago performing Pet Sounds 50th Year anniversary tour.


7 months ago

I have been a subscriber going on 3 years and absolutely love the Endless Summer magazine. I have seen the actual Beach Boys in concert 36 times since 1972,unfortunately I was a little too young for the 66 tour. I can only imagine hearing for the first time new music from Pet Sounds, not to mention Good Vibrations. The boys at their creative peak. The only band that could give the Fab Four ,a run for their money.

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