It happened on the strip where the road is wide

Endless Summer Quarterly magazine’s October 2020 giveaway is here. This month’s giveaway takes us to the drag strip with The Beach BoysShut Down Volume 2 album.

This giveaway includes:
• The 2014 Acoustic Sounds/Analogue Productions of The Beach Boys Shut Down Volume 2 album signed by Mike Love and Al Jardine
• A 1999 Racing Champions Shut Down Volume 2 mini-replica of Dennis Wilson’s midnight blue 1963 Chevrolet Corvette

The winning comment and name will be selected and posted on Friday, Oct. 23, and announced on ESQs Twitter and Facebook pages, as well as the ESQ eBlast!

To be eligible:
1) Enter how long you’ve been a subscriber to ESQ
2) Leave your thoughts on what you think is special about Shut Down Volume 2 and the timelessness of The Beach Boys music

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Jamie Hill

8 months ago

Renewed Member now for less than a year, and a previous 2+ yr subscriber. Shut Down Vol. 2 is full of timeless classics and deep cuts that will surely put a smile on your face. Being a Beach Boys fan has lead me to explore so much more music.

Stuart Pace

8 months ago

This year’s Shut Down has left us wanting live music.. Tach it up buddy you can’t Shut us down!

Michel MUSTO

8 months ago

I’ve been a suscriber for about 2 years.
I love the “Shut DownVol.2 ” LP. Well… we may say his name is very strange, but the music… it begins by the great “Fun Fun Fun”, a song so good, that the band closed with it the most part of their shows. And, there is the wonderful “don’t worry baby” with this incredible lead vocal by Brian. Other classics are on this LP, like the warmth of the sun. There’s a song I like pafticulary. It’s “in the parking lot”. The intro and the outro seem not to go with the rest of the song, but, I can imagine that this is the moment the guy kiss his girl ftiend. They begin go say hello, with a kiss, and then, the song is fast, the have to hurry up to go to school, and the end, is on last big kiss, before leaving the car and go to the classroom. That’s because of things like this Beach Boys music is timelessness… because every generation of teenagers could live this situation, and live these emotions!

Brian Douglas

8 months ago

1) I’ve been a subscriber since September 2020!
2) I’m not sure I’d use “timeless” to describe Shut Down, but I love it all the same. Classics like Fun, Fun, Fun and Don’t Worry Baby are concert staples, and The Warmth of The Sun conveys in sound how it felt to be in America the day JFK was assassinated.

Kyle Rogers

8 months ago

1. I just subscribed tonight! Looking forward to enjoying my subscription!
2. I think what’s special about Shut Down Vol. 2 is that it builds on their existing themes, but starts to add more complexity in. Classics like Don’t Worry Baby and Fun, Fun, Fun still get played all the time and hopefully will continue to do so! I’d say “timeless” is an apt description of their music. One look at the ages in the crowd at their concerts can attest to that – there’s everyone from small kids to elderly people.

Austin Turner

8 months ago

I’ve been a subscriber to The Beach Boys publication of record since September 2016 and will keep subscribing until I go broke!

Shut Down Vol. 2 is special and timeless, as all Beach Boys albums are, for the great music. It stands out in my mind as The Gauntlet that the guys threw down in response to Beatlemania, establishing themselves as the premiere American act to compete with the Fab Four. The album is a masterful blend of styles and sounds – from the Chuck Berry meets Four Freshman opening dynamo of “Fun, Fun, Fun” that showcases the Brian/Mike partnership, firing on all cylinders, to the delicate balladry of “Don’t Worry Baby” and “Keep an Eye in Summer.” Brian continues to perfect his take on the Wall of Sound with his “Why Do Fools Fall in Love” cover (great even without the intro recovered when the tapes were found in 2009). Denny is a soulful crooner on “This Car of Mine,” and Carl kills on “Pom, Pom Play Girl.” The guys take it back to the roots with a faithful “Louie, Louie” that allows Mike to showcase his doo-wop vocals. The instrumentals are perfectly placed and give that cool garage rock vibe. I will also argue any time any where that “‘Cassius’ Love vs. ‘Sonny’ Wilson” absolutely belongs on this album. It’s fun, quirky, and showcases their personalities and sense of humor. It’s also a cool contrasting mood to “The Warmth of the Sun” in the same way “Bull Session with Big Daddy” was to “In the Back of My Mind.” Al is (officially) back in the band and on the cover! Speaking of the cover, I have always thought the guys look so boss in their matching jackets. It makes me want to start my own car club and be the first to hit the lot and wave to the man in blue!

Reinhold Lüthen

8 months ago

I am in my second year as a subscriber of Endless Summer Quarterly and have enjoyed all five issues so far.
Shut Down Volume II is an album that still shines due to tracks like Fun, Fun, Fun, Don´t Worry Baby and The Warmth Of The Sun which belong to the all-time classic songs of the Beach Boys. To this day people all over the world identify these songs with the Beach Boys, enjoying them when played on the radio, as part of soundtracks or live because very often the songs are part of the set-list of the band as well as the Beach Boys cover of Why Do Fools Fall In Love from the same album. What more can you expect from an album that was released in 1964? Goes to show that the music of the Beach Boys is timeless for sure. It guarantees good vibrations, even in times like this.

Reinhold Lüthen

Greg Laney

8 months ago

I have been a subscriber for over 2 years and will be renewing in the next couple of weeks. The Shutdown Vol. 2 album is a great lp.most notably, because of The Warmth of the Sun ,
Fun,Fun,Fun and Don’t Worry Baby . These are all classics that have stood the test of time.

Alan Mountford

8 months ago

Hi I’m Alan Mountford living in Birmingham UK and have been subscribing to ESQ for at least 10 years and probably longer. Prior to that I used to buy one off copies from Tower Records (remember them?).

Shut Down volume 2 is a fabulous album packed with quality songs and a real feel good factor so typical of those early Beach Boys and the emerging genius of Brian. How many other albums of that period can match a list of titles that include the timeless classics Fun Fun Fun, Don’t Worry Baby and The Warmth of the Sun! Amazing!

Jay Pitter

8 months ago

I listen to to the Beach Boys all my life and I mostly have there albums and books and shirts I hope to get this Tuesday I turn 45 years old on the October 27

Ralph Rickus

8 months ago

I have been a subscriber for a number of years and enjoy the in depth articles in every magazine, and the photos.

Shut Down Vol. 2 was an unusual title, but an album that contained some timeless classics (Fun, Fun, Fun) and fantastic harmonies – Don’t Worry Baby and The Warmth of the Sun, as well as a couple of instrumentals. The cover has been used countless times for an array of Beach Boys singles, particularly the early German ones. It seems fitting that Dennis has lead on This Car of Mine when he is standing next to his Corvette. I believe the other car is Carl’s Pontiac Grand Prix.

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