AL JARDINE — Big Sur Choo Choo

July 30, 2020
By Alan Jardine 

Just for fun, I wanted to photograph my little Swiss Colony choo-choo train, so I put together a video of my outdoor train. It’s called LGB (Lehmann Gross Bahn, or “Lehmann Big Train” in German), and it’s built to be used outdoors. I made a little setup and had some spare time on my hands (like everyone else right now).

I put the video together to share with my friends, and particularly with members of my immediate family who remember those trains that I bought for them. I also sent it to my dear friend in Rochester, NY, who was my next-door neighbor from my Rochester days – Jerry Allen’s her name – because I wanted to give her something to enjoy and to take her mind off things. She remembers me as a little kid playing with the frogs in the pond down by Lake Ontario there. So, I thought she’d like to see my Big Sur choo-choo. Even if you’re ninety-five, you can still enjoy a little fun.

From there, Spud strung together the two videos I shot and perfectly matched the Johnny Cash narration to the footage. 

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