ESQ’S ADD SOME MUSIC GIVEAWAY: “Good Vibrations” prize package

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The Beach Boys 50 Years of Good Vibrations 2016 Official VIP Exclusive

The April 2020 ESQ prize package features The Beach Boys 2016 50 Years of Good Vibrations VIP Hardcover Limited Edition Coffee Table Book (a 68-page, 12” x 12” time capsule) with cover art by Jacquelyne Love and Patrick Wilson, book design by David Beard (ESQ) and Dean O. Torrence (Jan & Dean), and interior page design/layout and interviews by Beard.

The book includes a historic journey into the world of The Beach Boys 1966, handwritten “Good Vibrations” and “Wouldn’t it be Nice” lyrics, exclusive VIP-only photo time capsule celebrating The Beach Boys 1966 and a USB bookmark containing Beach Boys footage.

Item #2

Robert Graham “Salutes Good Vibrations” Long Sleeve Shirt XXL

This out-of-print collectible shirt is perfect for any fan of The Beach Boys!

Dedicated to one of the greatest musical masterpieces of all time, this shirt was manufactured as a limited-edition in 2016 and features the Jacquelyne Love and Patrick Wilson artwork on the shirt and on front of the VIP book cover.

Celebrate the acclaim and popularity of “Good Vibrations” with The Beach Boys and ESQ, and leave a comment for your chance to be selected.

The winning comment was William Petrilli’s.

See the news post with Bill’s letter to ESQ here:


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Joanna Byrne

9 months ago

I have been an Endless Summer Quarterly subscriber for about a year and a half. I wish I had subscribed much sooner – what a fantastic magazine! “Good Vibrations” is without a doubt a significant benchmark in popular music but it is much more than that. Brian combined all of the techniques and experiments from Pet Sounds along with some new tricks to complete a brand new road map for rock and roll. The first time I heard Good Vibrations the notes seemed to float out of the radio and dance around the room – I had never heard anything like it. It still amazes me every time I hear it even after all these years.

Keep up the good work at ESQ!

Sue Dwyer

9 months ago

I only joined this year, as I live in Australia I have been a fan for 57 years this package signifies a great work by the boys and is something a true fan could treasure for a lifetime. I love getting you magazine to help keep me informed. Keep up the great work guys!

Bernie Howitt

9 months ago

I think I’ve been subscribing for about three years, but I’ve been picking up key back issues, so it now seems to me that I can’t really remember a time when I didn’t devour each issue when it arrives in Australia. It’s the perfect way to feel connected to the wider world of fans, and I love the fact it still comes in hard copy. As a twelve year old who had already developed a Beach Boys obsession, all the rumours reaching Australia about the Beach Boys new single built excitement to a fever pitch. We were always a bit late hearing things out here, so we just gleaned whatever information we could from radio. There was talk of strange instruments, 96 (!!!) hours of recording time, lyrics that mystified, glorious harmonies, and that it was part of an incredible change in music that would move The Beach Boys to the very highest pedestal. It seemed that it would be impossible to live up to that feverish anticipation. Until…as I started to glimpse the end of the final term of my first year of high school and the warm breezes of summer were gathering, the tinny speaker of my treasured transistor exploded with a sound that was like nothing else I had ever heard. “I, I love the colourful clothes she wears, and the way the sunlight plays upon her hair.” I didn’t know who she was, but she was beautiful. My 12 year old brain exploded with possibilities, borne aloft on the most amazing music I had ever heard. I found out later it was a theremin, in 1966 it just sounded as if The Beach Boys had turned the future into music. Those harmonies, perfect for the approaching summer, the changes of tempo twisting around your heart. If a song could be perfect, this was it. At last I had the response to my parents when they told me pop music was rubbish. A single song took popular music to a whole new level, lived up to all the expectations that had been loaded onto it, and changed lives around the world. For once I thought it worked out perfectly to be living in Australia instead of feeling so far away from everything. Good Vibrations stayed on the Sydney charts for three and a half months, which carried us right through the summer. It was the summer I became a teenager, and The Beach Boys provided the perfect soundtrack, as they have continued to do for the rest of my life.

Jurgen Verhoeven

9 months ago

I’m a subscriber for one year now. Why is “Good Vibrations” so good? Well … Brian had an idea but not a complete song while working on Pet Sounds. So he did not finish it for that album. But he kept working on it, adding instruments and vocals, still not satisfied, coming up with other arrangements, recording on different locations. When you can decide to not use so much beautiful recorded music then the released song must be amazing. And it is.
I hear unusual combinations of instruments and rhythm changes mixed with heavenly vocals. But what sets “Good Vibrations” apart from the rest is that when you hear the song it also gives you a positive vibe. It’s more than a song.

Todd Bennett

9 months ago

It must be 15 years now since I first subscribed to ESQ. Every new issue goes straight to the top of my “to be read” pile. I’ve been a BB fan since high school, when my buddy, Dave, helped me see there was a lot more to The Beach Boys and Brian Wilson than the pop hits on Endless Summer.

“Good Vibrations” is my pick for the finest single of all time. I was 6 when it was released, and GV gets the edge for #1 simply because there was (and is) nothing else that sounds like it. Even after more than a half-century, and countless generations of improved recording technology, I’ve never heard anything that pops out of the speakers like Good Vibrations. I’ve heard it thousands of times, and every listen is still fresh. It’s an unparalleled achievement in songwriting and recording.

Peter Stairiker

9 months ago

I have been an ESQ subscriber for over 5 years. As a long time fan of The Beach Boys, I really enjoy getting each new magazine. “Good Vibrations” was “fresh” in 1966 and yet it still doesn’t sound dated. This song perfectly typifies Brian’s production skills along with the groups’s flawless vocals. In short, it is a perfectly constructed and performed song.

Joel Goodman

9 months ago

Hi ESQ! I’ve been a subscriber since 2006. I’d be hard-pressed to think of another song in any group’s catalog that rivals the exquisite shift in tempo and feeling that appears on the single version “Good Vibrations.” You know the part … at the 2:13 mark we suddenly switch from joyous exaltation to that slow, introspective spiritual section. Few live versions commit to that dramatic a tempo change, which makes the single version special for me.

John Tilden

9 months ago

1.) Been an ESQ fan for a number of years … seems like it’s been at least 5 consecutive, a few earlier and I bought a lot of back issues that looked interesting.
2.) “Good Vibrations” is special to me mostly because of hearing Carl sing it. Anytime he sings a line in a song with bare/sparse accompaniment I love it. Why is it different? Well, it was layered, assembled, tweaked over a relatively long time, and it was just about the first rock/pop song that can say that.

Glad I finally realized how to enter these contests. It wasn’t until I liked the FB page that leaving comments here is how the ESQ team was picking the winners! 🙂 Stay well my fellow fans!

Kim Lange

9 months ago

I have been an ESQ subscriber for many years (and a Beach Boys fan for many more years).

Although Good Vibrations is not my absolute favorite Beach Boys song it’s in my Top 5. It is surely one of their most iconic and instant recognizably songs (as such only rivaled by Surfin’ USA and California Girls), and definitely one of the most progressive and innovative songs that ever hit the top of the charts. The fact that such a creative and avantgardist song could hit big-time almost worldwide is a testament to the greatness of the song. The complex construction, the beautiful voices, and (oddly) the very 60’s typical lyrics makes it a classic.

As always, I’m looking forward to the next issue of ESQ.

Jennifer Javor

9 months ago

I have been a subscriber to ESQ since 1993! I always look forward to getting each great issue. I am called The Beach Boys historian in my family. The first time that I heard “Good Vibrations” I thought it was such an amazing song. It’s amazing seeing it performed live!!

Ronald H. Carter

9 months ago

I have been a subscriber for about 10 to 12 years, though I am not exactly sure when I started. Love ESQ! I look forward to every issue. “Good Vibrations” is perhaps the most unique song ever, and definitely the first to feature so many different parts and components. It set the standard for everything that was to follow. Without “GV” there would have never been a “Bohemian Rhapsody” or any of the other complex pop and rock songs that came after. The thing that makes “GV” so special is that it appears a simple, sing-along song, but it is highly complicated and difficult … It is what I would call “serious fun.”

William Petrilli

9 months ago

I have been a subscriber for 14 years, and I look forward to each issue. The first time I heard “Good Vibrations” on the radio in 1966, I was 12 yrs. old and already a big Beach Boys fan. I was a little confused at first because I thought that I was hearing two different songs. This was a totally new type of song and it took a couple of more listenings to really understand it. As years have gone on I was able to hear parts of the song that had been left out from the finished record. This made me realize how complicated and difficult it must have been to put this song together. To hear all the parts in one place on The Smile Sessions made me realize even more how Brian managed to do all this. A groundbreaking recording from start to finish Good Vibrations will surely be around long after we are all gone.

Michel Asselin

9 months ago

Way back in 1993, I read my first issue of Endless Summer Quarterly. Since then, I never missed one publication. In the summer 1993 edition, a review of the box set Good vibrations was on page 6 and an advertising of it on the back cover. To me, “Good Vibrations” brings joy and hope in these particular times. Those sounds and harmonies fit so well together. It was all new then an still is mesmerizing today. All those instruments and those voices blended in unison to provide a new listening experience. It opened new perspectives in the music language. I’m a long time admirer of that song. GOOD VIBRATIONS !!!!

Craig Boyd

9 months ago

I have only just signed up as a subscriber, wished I had done it years ago but money always got in the way!

I think the “modular” method of recording “Good Vibrations” was absolutely groundbreaking. Nowadays this is standard and easy to achieve with software such as Pro-tools, but in the 1960s Brian Wilson was limited to a small number of overdubs, and tape had to be cut and spliced using razor blades. This record paved the way for everything that followed.

Remington Buckler

9 months ago

I have been an Endless Summer Quarterly subscriber for about a month now, got my first edition in the mail about a week ago, and was delighted by the interviews and material inside! The thing I find special about good vibrations is the instrumentation and chord changes on the song itself and how magical it is. And it is set apart from other songs of the time and songs now because it feels like an emotion not really a song when it plays the music goes deep to your soul and gives you goosebumps.

Christopher Ng

9 months ago

I’ve been an ESQ subscriber since pretty close to the beginning and have picked up just most of the issues I missed and except for a couple of brief lapses have pretty much maintained my subscription all this time. Good Vibrations was very progressive for its time and the use of a theremin was pretty much unheard of in rock and roll. I really like Carl’s strong lead vocal and the counter point of Mike’s voice and the choruses in the second half of the song, which I could sing over and over and not get tired of them. I think of all the songs in a Beach Boys concert, Good Vibrations always gets the best audience response. I usually read every issue of ESQ cover to cover whenever I get one in the mail. Keep up the great work.

Joseph Fiorini

9 months ago

I have had an ESQ subscription since the Summer 2007 issue (which I still have). “Good Vibrations” is a masterpiece that can never be replicated. The fact that the musicianship and the incredible harmonies are second to none should have made this song a hit. But, “Good Vibrations” is so much more than just a hit record. Brian Wilson sonically did things that nobody else did before. He gave us sounds that we had never heard before. He had a vision that only he could hear and in the end, the whole was greater than the sum of all its parts. No samples. No digital editing. No short cuts. And Brian made the pieces of the puzzle fit together so as to give the world a work of art that is the audible equivalent of the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel. I believe “Good Vibrations” will live forever and be as recognizable in the future as Beethoven’s Fifth Symphony and Handel’s “Messiah” are to us today. And in these most uncertain times of the COVID-19 pandemic, we could all use some “Good Vibrations.”

Charlie Walsh

9 months ago

I have been a subscriber to ESQ since 2015. Perhaps the best industry publication anywhere regarding the greatest rock ‘n’ roll band in the world. The Beach Boys are so much more than just the greatest band. They represent our lives, our souls, our personal autobiographical sketch captured in the most beautiful music ever made. When I first heard Good Vibrations, it made me think and feel a collection of emotions that seemed to reflect my life beginning in 1962 and continuing even today in my ’70’s. Brian Wilson and The Beach Boys fill my soul with purpose through their music and validation of my life’s experiences through their lyrics. “Good Vibrations” says it all.

I had the distinct honor of meeting Brian at Hersheypark many years ago when he was touring with Paul Simon. It solidified my emotions from my first feelings with The Beach Boys in 1962. Yet again, Good Vibrations reflects for me a lifetime of the vibrations of all their music as it plays out the tapestry of my life. Their Good Vibrations saved my soul through the music I feel. Today, more so than ever as I suffer from MS, the continuing Good Vibrations from The Beach Boys combined with the vibrant and often brilliant stories and insights in ESQ only serve to help me through some very difficult days.

God Bless and keep the publication as fresh as The Beach Boys “Good Vibrations.”

Richard Harris

9 months ago

My wife and I have been saving ESQ since 2012. I had ordered some here and there before that but never expected it to be such an ongoing venture. Congrats to David Beard and whoever might have helped along the way. My impression is that David was going about this single-handedly at first and it took time for The Beach Boys to warm up to the idea that a fan-oriented publication could be an increasingly effective piece of celebrating the enduring qualities of the music.

As for “Good Vibrations” the single most charming and instructive moment is when one realizes that Carl Wilson is the lead singer, but for just half a line in each verse. Brian sings: “I hear the sound of a,” and (then) Carl sings, “gentle word.” Just the fact that someone (Brian) could envision that particular choice and execute it nearly seamlessly opened my eyes … and ESQ taught me that. Otherwise I never would have heard it that way.

Tom Maddox

8 months ago

Been a subscriber for 20 years maybe little longer , Good Vibrations wow what can you say about this song that has not been said before it’s a work of ART from The Best Band in the world The Beach Boys Surfsup

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