Murry Wilson & Snow – The Break Away EP (review)

By David Beard


Released on Friday. Dec. 20, 2019, the Murry Wilson & Snow – The Break Away EP is a bit of an anomaly … and oddly interesting. 

The EP’s four previously unissued tracks were discovered in The Beach Boys archives. Murry Wilson and Rick Henn (Sunrays) co-produced the EP, which includes the title track, penned by Brian Wilson and Murry (under the pseudonym Reggie Dunbar). Also included on the EP are “We’re Together Again,” another Beach Boys outtake, and two other tracks, “Wilderness” and “Bless Me.”

Based on Andrew Doe’s Bellagio site, it is highly likely that these sessions occurred sometime between August and November of 1969 when The Beach Boys were working on their Add Some Music To Your Day album (later Sunflower), and the Rick Henn-produced “Soulful Old Man Sunshine” sessions.

The singing group Snow was purportedly from Durant, Oklahoma. Originally named The Parade, but was – according to Rick – renamed Snow at Murry’s behest. Sometime after these recordings, Snow disbanded because they didn’t get a record deal. Little else is known.

This grouping of songs sounds like the type of music you would turn up at a Lawrence Welk “after-hours” party. The music is inspired, interesting and sounds (at times) a combination of 5th Dimension, Cowsills … Carpenters … and (at other times), Spanky And Our Gang.

For more Murry Wilson music, add The Many Moods Of Murry Wilson to your digital collection, which includes the Al Jardine-penned “Italia.”

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