The Beach Boys – “I’m Going Your Way” digital EP


Capitol Records is releasing a three-song copyright extension digital EP by The Beach Boys on Friday, Dec. 27.

The Beach Boys, 1969: I’m Going Your Way (Capitol/UMG, 2019) (Amazon U.S. / Apple Music / Spotify / Tidal)

  1. I’m Going Your Way – alternate vocal take
  2. Slip On Through – early version
  3. Carnival (Over The Waves)

Also available in lossless FLAC at 16bit/44.1kHz from Quobuz.

According to sources—as well as Al Jardine and Bruce Johnston—a five disc Sunflower/Surf’s Up box set of material 1969, 1970 and 1971 is in the planning stages for 2020. 


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David Carroll

9 months ago

Some might be disappointed by this miniscule copyright extension release but it’s just a precursor to the main event.
The FEEL FLOWS box set is coming…and 5 cds…like wow wipe out! This is the’s probably the most important physical release since the amazing SMILE SESSIONS box in 2011.


9 months ago

Thanks David!

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