SPRING 2018, Issue #121: THE BEACH BOYS Friends 50

Issue #121

Endless Summer Quarterly magazine’s Spring 2018 edition features interviews with Mike Love, Marilyn Wilson-Rutherford, Stephen Kalinich, Alan Boyd and Mark Linett on the Friends 50th anniversary, with an introduction by Peter Reum, Friends sessionography by Craig Slowinski, Friends album cover art history by Malcolm C. Searles, Friends album review by Probyn Gregory; more!

The issue of ESQ FRIENDS is one of the best ever!! I appreciate very much the depth to which David Beard went to impart so much of which was going on in our lives during that time. Anyone interested in the story of The Beach Boys 1968, this is an incredible read and source of historic information, speaking of both music and meditation imparts to the reader what was going on during that time for us.
Peace & Love,
Mike Love


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