ROB BONFIGLIO — Trouble Again (review)

Rob Bonfiglio has been making great sounds for years now, and his new album, Trouble Again, booms with Utopia flavored muster. The songs on this new release encompass (what sounds like) the pop influences of Todd Rundgren, KISS, Crowded House, The Eagles, Raspberries, Journey and STYX. There are others, but the point is this album sounds as though it was released sometime in the late 1980s, but is as crisp and as fresh as you could want any new pop album to sound.

“Spread This Feeling” kicks the daylights out of anything on the radio these days, and the introspective elements to “Love Over Hurt” and “There Goes My Heart”…“Gone”… It’s all good!

Repeated listens? Yeah.

Listen to Good Vibrations: Episode 26 Rob Bonfiglio – Trouble Again

Purchase Here: Trouble Again


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