Mike Love discusses Feel Flows set and the 60th anniversary

On Tuesday, May 18, 2021, David Beard spoke with Mike Love about the 50th Anniversary of The Beach Boys’ Surf’s Up album. That interview, along with interviews from the other members of the group, will appear in the Summer 2021 edition of Endless Summer Quarterly.

During the discussion Mike shared a few tidbits about the upcoming Feel Flows box set and his thoughts for possibilities as they relate to The Beach Boys 60th Anniversary.

Feel Flows box set

Mike Love: There is a lot of diversity on the Feel Flows set. There’s a lot of types of songs and music that have been less appreciated than our well-known recordings. I think it’s going to be of big interest to Beach Boys’ fans and it will reflect a very broad-based appreciation of the different kinds of thought processes that went into the creation of the music and the songs that were products of the movement of society and the growth of The Beach Boys creatively as a band.

We are practicing “Feel Flows” because we want to perform it on the tour. “Don’t Go Near The Water” should be easy … maybe (even) “Student Demonstration Time” and we should perform “Add Some Music To Your Day” especially because of the California Music version that you produced.

The Beach Boys 60th Anniversary

What I’m hoping we’ll do is a really neat television special that is a recorded event with all of us together; that’s something I’d look forward to doing.

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