Jeffrey Foskett & Jeff Larson – Elua Aloha (review)

New Surf Limited

By David Beard

The album cover art for the Japan CD, and color vinyl pressing

Jeffrey Foskett is a well-known name in Beach Boys circles and has been recording instrumentation and vocals on more than his share of Beach Boys albums and singles for over 30 years. Jeff Larson might not be quite as familiar a name, but his albums over the years have always garnered attention.

Since 1998’s Watercolor Sky, I’ve been hooked. To a degree the new collection culls from previous releases, with re-workings of “You Remind Me of The Sun,” “Hazy Sunshine,” “Windblown Mind,” “Girl With Uke” and “The Word Go.” All this time the two Jeffs have been working together, sharing a record label (New Surf) and a down to earth love for sun-soaked California-rooted harmonies. It’s in this truth that the artistic expression is captured.

The opening track, “Feeling Just The Way I Do,” beckons back to the days of Poco, Seals & Croft and Pablo Cruise-inspired cruising music.

The entire album is a very enjoyable listen, but it’s songs like the sobering “Frontier Village” that pull at the heartstrings of nostalgia and coming to terms with lost innocence.

You can feel Larson’s soul throughout … Being a fan of transportive music it’s easy to become captured by the great harmonies but it’s “Frontier Village,” “Shadows of The Canyon,” “Satellite Sky” and “World I’m In” that bring Elua Aloha to a fitting, calming and distilling close. Albums like this don’t happen that often, but when they do we should really pay attention and take the time to listen with our hearts as much as our minds.

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