Brian Wilson and Van Dyke Parks (Part III): That Lucky Old Sun vignettes


The original recording sessions for That Lucky Old Sun reportedly took place from January – April of 2008. During that time Brian worked diligently with band member Scott Bennett but contacted Van Dyke Parks to contribute spoken passages and some assistance on the song “Live Let Live,” which initially appeared in the film Arctic Tale in 2007 in an alternate form.

In this third installment, Brian and Van Dyke discuss the album and the narratives.

Brian Wilson: That Lucky Old Sun is a combination of music, followed by narration and then there’s a song that follows that; it goes four rounds of that.

Van Dyke Parks: I wrote five short narrations that Brian wanted to recite in his program.

Brian: Each narrative is different. I’ll give you an idea of one of them: “Just now I was thinking about another perfect day, wishing it would come again your way, down below a sparkled city scattered by the bay” – that kind of stuff. So, it’s a movement, a narrative, a movement, etc.

Van Dyke: I did provide one song lyric on “Live Let Live.” This is because Scott Bennett (who is the real collaborator on That Lucky Old Sun) felt that the song lyrics Scott provided (and he did an incredible job on words and music) only matched up neatly with four of my submissions. I heard all the songs Brian finished up with Scott – those with Brian’s words, and the others with new lyrics by Scott. They did a fabulous job in their collaboration. Darian Sahanaja brought it all together with the same modest mastery he brought to Brian Wilson Presents SMiLE. I was happy to play a decidedly small part in Brian’s project.

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Ray Leppla

12 months ago

Scott Bennett was such a talented member of Brian’s incredible band. Lucky Old Sun was his shinning moment. Past troubles over and done now, how’s Scott doing right now? Would love to hear he is working on something and that he is going forward with life in the great spirit he always showed on stage.

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