Allesandro Rotondi was the selected recipient of ESQ’s August giveaway featuring the Dennis Wilson Record Store Day Bambu LP, and the Record Store Day “Holy Man” 45” single. We received a lot of great comments on Dennis’s music, and want to thank everyone who participated.

Here is Allesandro’s comment:

“I’ve been a subscriber to ESQ since 2017, and have been enjoying the Sunflower edition as of late, as well as catching up on the Friends and Nick Walusko editions. Dennis Wilson is in many ways the George Harrison of The Beach Boys: often overlooked during the group’s prime, yet full of soulful, spiritual music and a compositional understanding equal to that of Brian and the others. Because Dennis was the wildest soul in the group, it is arguable it also made him the best storyteller. Songs like ‘A Time to Live in Dreams,’ ‘Holy Man,’ and ‘You and I’ bleed experience and wisdom, something that was so crucial to the chemistry of The Beach Boys, but is perhaps most easily recognized now that it is no longer with us in the physical form. Pacific Ocean Blue and Bambu, much like Pet Sounds, Surf’s Up, or Sunflower, are works of art, and art for the sake of art. It encapsulates authenticity. Dennis and his music live on!”
— Allesandro Rotondi

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Terry B Bucy

9 months ago

Can you still get a copy of the Bambu album? I’ve never seen it before either in combination with Pacific Ocean Blue. If so, where and how much?


9 months ago

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