Love & Mercy issue of ESQ

This interview excerpt with Brian Wilson and Melinda Wilson took place in late 2015.

Endless Summer Quarterly: What is your favorite part of the film “Love & Mercy”?
Brian Wilson: When I meet Melinda at the car dealership … That’s my favorite part.

Melinda Wilson: I had so many favorite parts … I think the ending when “Wouldn’t It Be Nice” started to play. I thought that was the perfect way to end the movie.

ESQ: What do you want to share with your fans about your struggles with mental illness?

Brian: Don’t mess with drugs, they’re not good for ya’. Get plenty of exercise, don’t do drugs, get enough sleep, and don’t eat junk food like McDonald’s; things like that.

Melinda: There’s really three things that somebody needs to do if they it may be possibly happening with them: they have to seek help; they have to get the right doctor; they have to get on the right medications and have a support system.

Barbara Van Dahlen, Melinda Wilson and Brian Wilson

“Dear David, People are still talking about the night Brian performed for us at our Campaign to Change Direction concert in November. Whatever else may be going on inside of Brian, that – at times – may be challenging for him, the ability he has to touch us deeply with these powerful and beautiful songs is something very special – it is an incredible gift to all of us. Thank you for creating awareness for the Campaign to Change Direction in Endless Summer Quarterly.”
— Barbara Van Dahlen, Ph.D.
     Founder and President, Give an Hour

To read the complete and unabridged interviews with Brian Wilson, Melinda Wilson and Dr. Barbara Van Dahlen, purchase the SPRING 2016 edition of ESQ HERE.

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