September 15 - Morgan demo session: Surfin'/Luau/Lavender [Hite Morgan's home studio]
October   3 - 1st Morgan session: Surfin'/Luau/Lavender [World Pacific]
November 27 - Surfin'/Luau single released (Candix 331)(ć)
December 20 - Surfin'/Luau single released (X 301)(ć)
23 - Rendevous Ballroom, Newport Beach, CA [1]
30 - Olive Recreation Center, Burbank CAć [2]
30 - Pacific Ocean Park KHJ TV Dance Party, Los Angeles CA*
31 - Ritchie Valens Memorial Concert, Municipal Auditorium, Long Beach CA
        [w/Ike & Tina Turner, The Carlos Brothers The Rivingtons and others] (ć)
January 15 - Surfin'/Luau single released (Candix 301)(ć)
25 - Mesa Presbyterian Church Surf Nite, Hawthorne CA
26 - Hawthorne High School Senior Breakfast, Hawthorne CAć
        [w/Chris Montez & The Mellow Teens]
Jan/Feb ?? -  Shane Wilder's record store, Thousand Oaks CAć
February   3 - Dance Party TV Show, KRLA TV, Municipal Auditorium, Long Beach CAć
        [w/The Belairs, Four Cal Quettes, Don Julian & The Meadowlarks, Vince Howard
        and Johnny Burnette]
  8 - 2nd Morgan session - Surfin'Safari/Surfer Girl/Judy/Karate [World Pacific]
10 - Dance Party TV Show, KRLA TV, Municipal Auditorium, Long Beach CA#(ć)
        [w/James Darren, Frankie Avalon, The Surfmen, Gene McDaniels, Della Reese and
        Bobby Rydell]
19 - Academy Fine Arts Theatre, San Diego CA [2 shows] [3]
20 - Academy Fine Arts Theatre, San Diego CA [2 shows] [3]
Feb/March ?? - Lueders Park, Compton CA [w/The Mixtures]
March   2 - Millikan High Auditorium, Long Beach CA* [4]
  7 - Morningside HS, Inglewood CAć [5]
  8 - Kenny & The Cadets vocal session: Barbie/What Is A Young Girl [World Pacific] [6]
10 - Bel Air Bay Club, Los Angeles CA*
?? - Prom Week, Torrance High School, Torrence CAć (between 12th & 16th)
16 - Santa Monica Hotel, Santa Monica CA [w/The Vibrants & The Bel Airs]
17 - Santa Monica Hotel, Santa Monica CA [w/The Vibrants & The Bel Airs]
18 - Santa Monica Hotel, Santa Monica CA [w/The Vibrants & The Bel Airs]
23 - "Kid's Day", National Orange Show Fairgrounds, San Bernardino CAć
23 - Mira Costa HS, Manhattan Beach CA*
        [w/Spencer & Allred, Twin Tones and Tommy Terry]
24 - Hi-Teen Easter Fashion Show, Harris Department Store, San Bernardino CAć
24 - Third Annual Surf-O-Rama, Civic Auditorium, Santa Monica CAć
24 - Vibrants gig, Newport HS Gym, Newport Beach CA*(ć) [7]
30 - Rainbow Gardens, Pomona CA*
31 - National Guard Armory, Ontario CA [w/The Vibrants]
?? - Riverside CAć
  2 - Bel Air Bay Club, Los Angeles CA*
  4 - Womens Club, Inglewood CA*
16 - session: Beginning Of The End/One Way Road To Love/Visions/My Only Alibi
                    [Western] [8]
18 - Newport High School, Los Angeles CA*
        [w/The Belairs, The Vibrants, Dodie & Dee Dee, and The Fabulous Biscaines]
19 - demo tape session: Surfin' Safari/409/Lonely Sea/Their Hearts Were Full Of Spring
                                     [Western] [9]
20 - Redondo High School, Redondo Beach CA* [w/The Vibrants & The Bel Airs]
21 - Redondo High School, Redondo Beach CA [w/The Vibrants & The Bel Airs]
22 - Barbie/What Is A Young Girl Made Of ? Kenny & The Cadets single released (Randy)
28 - The Bob Eubanks Dance Party* (local TV)(ć)
May   4 - Womens Club, Inglewood CA
11 - Community Fair, El Camino Community College, Torrance CAć
12 -  Harris Store Annual Campus Deb Jamboree, California Theater, San Bernardino CA#
June   2 - Azusa Teen Club, Azusa CAć (first appearence)
  4 - Surfin' Safari/409 single released (Capitol)
July   3 - Dykstra Hall UCLA,  Los Angeles CA
        [w/The Renegades, Chris Montez and Dante & The Evergreens]* [10]
14 - Radio KOXR Diaper Derby, Oxnard CA
14 - Hawthorne High School Canteen Dance, Hawthorne CA* [11]
18 - Jodie Gable's birthday party, Burbank CA* [12]
27 - Azuza Teen Club, Azuza CA(ć) [13]
27 - Rainbow Gardens, Pomona CA* [w/The Mixtures and The Paris Sisters]
28 - Swing Auditorium, San Bernardino CAć
29 - Dance Pavilion, Lake Arrowhead CAć [w/The Tornadoes]
31 - "Parade of Hits" KCOP TV, Los Angeles CAć
Note: the famous, much reported July-September 40-date tour of the midwest is not
included here, for the excellent reason that it never happened. Aside from there being
no documentary evidence whatsoever (in fact, dates listed below indicate it couldn't
have happened), in a November 1962 interview in Sweden Murry Wilson stated that
up to then the band hadn't performed outside of California. In fact, at this time in
their career, with the first Capitol single "Surfin' Safari" yet to chart, they'd be hard
pressed to mount a 14-date tour of southern California !
August   4 - Azusa Teen Club, Azusa CAć
  8 - Surfin' Safari session: Ten Little Indians/Chug-A-Lug/The Shift [Capitol]
19 - 1st Annual Surfer's Ball, Hollywood Palladium, Los Angeles CA*(ć) [w/Dick Dale]
20 - Broadway Store, Los Angeles CA*(ć) [w/Kathy Linden and The Genteels] [14]
20 - Broadway Store, Del Amo, Los Angeles CA*(ć) [w/Bobby Rydell]
20 - Tustin Playhouse, Tustin CA# [w/Timi Yuro and Dorsey Burnett]
21 - Broadway Store, West Covina, Los Angeles CA*
21 - Broadway Store, Pasadena CA*
22 - Broadway Store, Orange County, CA*
22 - Broadway Store, Whitter, Los Angeles, CA*
23 - Broadway Store, Westchester, Los Angeles CA*
23 - Broadway Store, Crenshaw, Los Angeles CA*
24 - Broadway Store, Long Beach CA*
25 - Broadway Store, Hollywood CA*
25 - Broadway Store, Pamorama City CA*(ć)
25 - The Reseda Jubilee, Reseda CA* [w/Jan & Dean] [15]
26 - Pandora's Box, Hollywood CA*(ć) [3 shows] [16]
27 - Pandora's Box, Hollywood CAć [3 shows]
28 - Pandora's Box, Hollywood CAć [3 shows]
29 - Pandora's Box, Hollywood CAć [3 shows]
30 - Pandora's Box, Hollywood CAć [3 shows]
31 - session: The Revo-Lution/Number One/Humpty Dumpty/Recreation
                    [Harmony Recorders - postponed to 9/4]
summer ?? -  Laurie Jean Loveton graduation party, Los Angeles CAć
late summer ?? - Cinnamon Cinder, Los Angeles CA* [17]
September   2 - Milton Berle's daughter Victoria's 17th birthday party, Los Angeles CA*(ć)
  2 - Pandora's Box, Hollywood CA [3 shows]
  4 - session: The Revo-Lution/Number One/Humpty Dumpty/Recreation [18]
                    [Harmony Recorders]
?? - The Revo-Lution/Number One Rachel & The Revolvers single released (Dot) [19]
  5 - Surfin' Safari session: Summertime Blues/Land Ahoy/Little Miss America [Capitol]
  6 - Surfin' Safari session: Cuckoo Clock/Heads You Win/County Fair/Moon Dawg
  9 - Pandora's Box, Hollywood CA* [3 shows]
13 - session: Cindy, Oh Cindy/The Surfer Moon [Western] [20]
14 - "The Howdy Hop", Hawthorne HS Cafeteria, Hawthorne CAć
14 - Surfers Ball, Morgan Hall, Long Beach CA*
       [w/Lonnie Belmore, The Bonnavills, Russ Storman and Dean Long]
15 - Helen Stillman's 16th birthday party, Los Angeles CA*
15 - Pandora's Box, Hollywood CA* [3 shows]
16 - Pandora's Box, Hollywood CA* [3 shows]
22 - Wagon Wheels Junction, Roller Gardens, Oxnard CA*(ć) [w/The Casuals]
22 - Pandora's Box, Hollywood CA* [3 shows]
23 - Pandora's Box, Hollywood CA* [3 shows]
27 - The Row, USC campus, Los Angeles CA*# (w/The Marketts)
29 - Pandora's Box, Hollywood CA* [3 shows]
30 - Pandora's Box, Hollywood CA* [3 shows]
?? - Swing Auditorium, San Bernadino CA* [w/Dick Dale]
October ?? - The Surfer Moon/Humpty Dumpty Bob & Sheri single released (Safari) [21]
  1 - Surfin' Safari album released (Capitol)
?? - session: Gonna Hustle You [Western ?]
  4 - Glendale Community College, Glendale CAć
  6 - Pandora's Box, Hollywood CA* [3 shows]
  7 - Pandora's Box, Hollywood CA* [3 shows]
13 - Pandora's Box, Hollywood CA* [3 shows]
14 - Pandora's Box, Hollywood CA* [3 shows]
20 - Pandora's Box, Hollywood CA* [3 shows]
21 - Pandora's Box, Hollywood CA* [3 shows]
27 - Hollywood Bowl YDay, Hollywood, CA
        [w/Soupy Sales, Shelly Fabares, Bobby Vee and others]*
27 - Fox Theater Cystic Fibrosis Benefit, San Francisco CA*
        [w/Joey Bishop,Jane Mansfield, Don Grady,Troy Donahue, Annette Funicello,
        Donna Loren, Beach Boys, Bobby Freeman and others]
28 - Pandora's Box, Hollywood CA* [3 shows]
November   1 - Leonard's Department Store Grand Opening, Torrance CA*
  3 - Leonard's Department Store Grand Opening, Garden Grove CA*
  3 - Pickwick Dance Party, Burbank CA* [w/Valjean and Maureen Aurthur] [22]
  4 - Pandora's Box, Hollywood CA* [3 shows]
11 - Pandora's Box, Hollywood CA* [3 shows]
21 - Biltmore Hotel, Hermosa CA [w/The Journeymen]
22 - William Howard Taft High School, Woodland Hills, Los Angeles CA*
26 - Ten Little Indians/County Fair single released (Capitol)
30 - Alfred Goode Auditorium, Bakersfield CA*
        [w/The Revlons, Candy Maloney and Ken & The Ho Daddys]
December   1 - Pacific Lodge Boys Home benefit, Van Nuys Theatre, Van Nuys CA*
        [w/Dorsey Burnett, The Lively Ones, Dobie Gray, The Crystallets, Cyndy Malone,
        The Mixtures, Dick Michals, The Pastel 6 and Jimmy Haskell]
  3 - USC Pep rally, USC campus CA* [w/Doodles Weaver. Ernest Borgnine and others]
  6 - The Cinnamon Cinder, Long Beach CA*
        [grand opening - w/Jan & Dean, The Challengers and Sandy Nelson]
12 - Four Speeds session: R.P.M./My Sting Ray/ Barefoot Adventure [Western] [23]
17 - Earl Warren Show Grounds, Santa Barbara CA [24]
20 - Civic Auditorium, Bakersfield CA [24]
22 - Exhibition Hall, Fresno CA [24]
28 - Surf Fair, Civic Auditorium, Santa Monica CA
28 - County Fairgrounds, Merced CA [24]
30 - Gold Rush Festival Auditorium, Stockton CA [24]
31 - Santa Cruz CA* [24]
  The band played two songs during the interval of a Dick Dale show. Their reception was
  Fan club president Jodi Gable recalled to both Ian Rusten and Jim Murphy that she first
  saw the BBs at this venue on this date. Possibly the Dance Party was recorded here,
  possibly it was an additional afternoon show.
  Carl recalled these shows in a later Tiger Beat interview (although he placed them in
  January). The band played during the interval of a screening of "Surf Crazy", a Bruce
  Brown movie, their first known show outside of the greater LA area. Although he'd
  officially left the group, Alan played these shows as they were booked before that and
  he was contractually obliged to.
  Very probably the first show with David.
  Steve Love's high school.
  The vocal lineup was: Brian, Carl, Alan (who had left he band the previous month) &
  Audree Wilson. Val Poliuto also claims to have been present.
  Mike, Carl & Dennis joined The Vibrants onstage: not, as previously thought, a BB show.
  A Brian Wilson/Gary Usher session with the rest of the BB also there.
  Although "Judy" is listed on the tape box for this session, it is the February 8th recording.
  This was the tape that landed the initial Capitol contract, produced by Murry.
  The Renegades would become The Sunrays, who Murry would manage after he was
  fired by The Beach Boys in 1964. This may very well be the show where Brian first met
  Bob Norburg.
  According to Dennis in a 1965 interview, there was some resistance to them being hired
  to play this show - some students thought them a terrible band.
  Jodie Gable was the band's fan club secretary, a position she retained until 1966.
  Filmed for the short movie One Man's Challenge. According to David Marks, this was
  far from the band's only performance here: they just happened to be playing the night the
  film crew turned up.
  The Broadway Store shows were KWFB events, all DJed by Roger Christian: David
  Marks recalls playing a short set on the roof of at least two stores, including the
  Hollywood one.
  Very likely this was the first meeting between The Beach Boys and Jan & Dean..
  The subject of the bands residency at Pandora's Box is a vexed one: the only documented
  dates are those from 10/28 to 11/11 inclusive (there are adverts in the local press).
  However, research by Jim Murphy for his book Becoming The Beach Boys 1961-1963
  indicates that the first engagement was the one listed here. David Marks recalls them
  playing there "every weekend for a while", and that ties in nicely with the last three dates
  being Sundays only. David also recalls playing "sometimes on a week night", which might
  explain the otherwise confusing "nightly" comment. Finally, he recalls they payed three sets
  a night. According to the bands then-manager, they played every Sunday for three or four
  months, which fits (fairly) neatly with a residency from late August to mid-November. An
  interview with Brian & Dennis in mid-September establishes that they were still playing at
  the Box then, thus the dates listed prior to that are tacitly confirmed. The last known ad for
  them playing is dated 11/11/62. It's possible they took a break somewhere down the line
  but the managers comment tends to counter such an assumption. Finally, the first meeting
  between Brian & Marilyn now almost certainly took place in early September, not
  October has been long assumed.
  According to long-time BB associate Ron Swallow, the band played the original Cinnamon
  Cinder many times during the late summer of 1962. The club opened in July so this was
  likely their first appearence there.
  "Number One" is a retitled "Visions", and may very well use the track from the 4/16
  Western session.
  The first record to be produced by Brian: however, there was no label credit..
  This version of "The Surfer Moon" was by Bob & Sheri.
  Safari was a one-shot label, with Brian's home address printed on the disc. This was the
  first record to bear the label credit "Produced by Brian Wilson".
  The Beach Boys' performance was later aired on KTLA TV, November 10th.
  Dennis drums on these Gary Usher productions.
  These shows are listed by Badman in his book. However, with the exception of the Surf
  Fair show, no independent confirmation could be found for any of them, thus there is strong
  reason to doubt the dates. The only other known source for this tour is a 1971 interview
  that Murry gave to Tom Nolan in which he stated that the band played five dates between
  Christmas Eve and New Years Eve, grossing $26,684. The same interview further states
  that Murry made calls setting up those dates from home on December 17th. Hence these
  dates and venues are listed in the absence of any other info, but must be regarded as
  questionable, in particular the two shows on the 28th as the distance by road between
  Santa Monica and Merced is over 270 miles. The Earl Warren show might have been on
  the 24th.