February   Beach Boys Family & Friends make their public debut at the Tampa Strawberry festival.
  Allegedly, there are subsequent newspaper adverts (purportedly placed by lawyers representing
  Mike) requesting that anyone who felt misled that they were seeing The Beach Boys to contact
  them. Not coincidentally, Brother Records file a suit against Alan for trademark infringement
  (during the course of the year, they will file several other suits - all are unsuccessful).
  March   Brian Wilson embarks on his first ever solo tour, backed by LA cult band The Wondermints
  and others, among them Jeff Foskett.
  April   BRI sue Alan for trademark infringement on the 9th.
  summer   Brian's contract with Giant is terminated.
  July   Brian tours Japan (9th -14th), but Thomas stays at home.
  August   Matt & Alan Jardine contribute "Papa Loved Momma" to Garth Brooks tribute CD New
  Friends In Low Places. Following a thirty day stay in an LA rehab center for alcohol related
  problems, David Marks decides not to resume touring. Melinda, acting as Brian's conservator,
  sues Joe Thomas, claiming that Thomas profited unreasonably from his association with Brian.
  The house in St. Charles is put up for sale and Brian returns to Los Angeles
  September   20 More Good Vibrations - The Greatest Hits Volume 2 is released and will eventually
  chart at #192. Capitol intend that the two new compilations will, along with the 1993 box, be
  definitive, and withdraw all other collections from the US market.
  October   The 2nd annual Carl Wilson Walk Against Cancer takes place on the 3rd.
  December   All licenses issued to shareholders of BRI expire at midnight on the 31st. Brother Records
  vote not to renew Alan's license to use the Beach Boys name (those voting are: Alan, Mike,
  Brian (via his conservator), the estate of Carl and Brother, who had accquired Dennis' vote
  from his estate some years previously).