April   veteran session man Steve Douglas dies of  heart failure on the 19th. He was 55.
  summer   Carl begins working with Robert Lamm (Chicago) and Gerry Beckley (America) on a project
  dubbed 'Trio'. Brian rekindles a relationship begun during the second Landy era by dating
  Melinda Ledbetter, a former model and car salesperson, who is soon seeking to amend his
  conservatorship situation. The Beach Boys Cafe moves to Mission Beach, CA (it will close
  within a year).
  July   5CD career retrospective Good Vibrations - 30 Years of The Beach Boys (partly chosen by
  fans and collectors) is released to huge critical acclaim. Scattered amongst the 4 CDs of hits
  and classic tracks are over fifteen previously unreleased tracks including half-an-hour of original
  Smile material (albeit presented in modern mixes and edits). The fifth CD is composed entirely
  of collector's items, including more Smile tracks. (Initial pressings of the European version
  include a further sixth bonus CD featuring European hits).
  fall   during their fall tour, the band perform an 'unplugged' sequence (including "Vegetables", "All
  This Is That" & "Add Some Music To Your Day") and feature tracks from the Box set.