April   Mike, Alan & Bruce attend a benefit concert for the Natural Law (TM) Party in London on the
  5th as part of the UK general election. Brian's suit to recover his copyrights is settled out of
  court with an award to Brian of $10 million. Mike almost immediately announces a lawsuit
  against Brian to reclaim both royalties and credit for over thirty songs he claims to have
  contributed to.
  May   Capitol release The Honeys as part of its Collectors Series. The CD includes all the Capitol
  and Warners' sixties single sides, two unreleased sixties tracks and eight seventies tracks with
  varying degrees of Brian Wilson involvement. There is no chart action, and it is soon deleted.
  The Original Beach Boys Cafe, featuring BB memorabilia, opens in Hermosa, CA on the 29th.
  July   trailer for the upcoming Melcher/Love project "Hot Fun In The Summertime/Summer Of Love"
  single is released but fails to chart.
  August   Summer In Paradise is released on Brother to scathing reviews. It is the first ever Beach
  Boys album studio album to have no Brian Wilson participation, and the first non-compilation
  BB album to fail to chart. The band will later rework five tracks, but this revised version is only
  released in Europe and Australasia in 1993, equally unsuccessfully.
  October   Mike files another suit against Brian, Landy, Todd Gold and the publishers of Brian's
  'autobiography' on the 20th, claiming slander, libel and defamatory statements abounded in the
  November   The Beach Boys tour Australia, 20th-29th.
  December   Landy is served with a restraining order following his continued interference in Brian's life; his
  hold over Brian is finally broken.  He relocates to Hawaii and continues to practise.