January   The Beach Boys are inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame on the 20th, in the company
  of Bob Dylan, The Drifters and The Beatles. Mike uses the occasion to make a most
  unfortunate speech, insulting just about all present, that has entered into record industry legend.
  A few days later, on the 25th, the band are the first group to receive the American Music
  Awards Award Of Merit. For the ceremony, Mike wears a hard-hat, just in case.
  February   on the 16th, Landy is charged by the California Attorney General's office with illegally
  prescribing drugs and gross negligence in marinating a multiple relationship with Brian. (The
  case is settled the following year when Landy surrenders his license to practice in California; his
  request to be reinstated in 1992 is refused).
  July   preview 45 from Brian's imminent solo album, "Love And Mercy/He Couldn't Get His Poor
  Old Body To Move" is unsuccessfully released.
  August   Brian Wilson is released to a media blitz, near unanimously excellent reviews, but lukewarm
  sales, resulting in a chart peak of no higher than #54. Extracted from the Cocktail soundtrack,
  "Kokomo" (featuring no involvement from Brian) is released and will eventually become the
  band's fourth chart topper, twenty-two years after "Good Vibrations". Mike's son, Brian is
  born on the 6th; his mother is Jacqueline Piesen
  September   Brian is the surprise guest at the 10th annual UK Beach Boys Convention on the 24th,
  performing a three song set of "Surfer Girl", Love And Mercy" and "Night Time". Strong men
  weep. Woody Guthrie & Ledbelly tribute CD Folkways - A Vision Shared includes a
  Wilson/Paley rendition of "Goodnight Irene".
  December   Brian plays the NAS show again.
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