April   Mike & Cathy's son, Michael Edward Love II is born on the 24th (although there is some
  question as to his paternity).
  May   Carl returns to the band, having extracted some promises regarding rehearsals and not playing
  Las Vegas-type engagements. At the same time he is recording a second solo album.
  July   Capitol release Sunshine Dream (or Endless Summer Vol. 3) only to find the market
  apparently saturated; it peaks at #180.
  September   Gage Dennis Wilson is born to Dennis and Shawn Love (3rd). Shawn is Mike's (alleged)
  illegitimate daughter by Shannon Harris, thus Mike becomes grandfather to his cousin's child.
  November   in a ruse designed to get Brian away from Carolyn Williams and back under Landy's care,
  Brian is 'fired' from the Beach Boys on the 5th. The plot was hatched by Carl, his manager
  Jerry Schilling, Brian's lawyer John Branca and Tom Hulett. Mike becomes engaged to Sharon
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