March   Johnston-produced Keepin' The Summer Alive is released; although it charts at #75, sales
  are significantly lower than those of L.A., and Dennis is almost entirely absent from the sessions.
  Single "Goin' On/Endless Harmony" peaks at #83.
  May   "Livin' With A Heartache/Santa Ana Winds" 45 fails to chart.
  June   Dennis' second divorce from Karen becomes final. The band tour England, including an open
  air performance at Knebworth House on Brian's birthday that is both filmed and recorded.
  July   before a huge crowd, The Beach Boys perform an Independence Day show on The Mall in
  Washington DC. The show is broadcast live on FM radio and later shown in edited form on
  HBO (where it is noticeable that there has been extensive post-gig overdubbing).
  December   The Beach Boys are awarded a star on Hollywood's Walk Of Fame on the 30th. Once more
  Dennis is conspicuously absent, but performs at the show that night.
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