February   having (finally) signed to Warner Brothers and revived the Brother label, "Add Some Music To
  Your Day/Susie Cincinnati" single disappoints in peaking at #64. With Mike temporarily
  hospitalised following an ill-advised fast, Brian takes his place at a Seattle show on the 28th.
  April   Final Capitol 45 of "Cottonfields/The Nearest Faraway Place" (the A side re-recorded from
  the 20/20 version) becomes the first ever Beach Boys single to fail to chart in the USA (once
  again, in other territories it is a huge hit).
  May   second Warners' 45, "Slip On Through/This Whole World", also fails to chart.
  July   The Radiant Radish closes on the 29th. On the evening of the same day, Brian (along with
  Mike & Bruce) is interviewed on KPFK Pacifica Radio by DJ John Frank (Jack) Rieley III
  (born November 24th, 1942 Milwaukee WI), who first met Brian at the shop.
  August   after undergoing considerable revision, a name change and two different line-ups, Sunflower is
  eventually released and promptly becomes the Beach Boys least successful studio album,
  peaking at #151. Dennis marries Barbara Charren (born September 19th, 1946 in Indiana) in
  LA on the 4th. Dennis wins a role in Monte Hellman's road movie Two-Lane Blacktop
  alongside Laurie Bird, Warren Oates and James Taylor. Jack Rieley is hired as Director of
  Public Relations for Brother Records.
  October   "Tears In The Morning/It's About Time" continues the run of singles failing to chart. Invited by
  Van Dyke Parks, the band play an acclaimed set at the Big Sur festival on the 3rd. Dennis (on
  movie duty) and Brian are absent. The first Flame 45, "See The Light/Get Your Mind Made
  Up" (produced by Carl) is released. Alan & Lynda's second child, Adam Christian, is born on
  the 22nd.
  November   the band play a legendary residency at the Whiskey A Go Go club in LA, 4th-7th, two sets a
  night: Brian performs for the first three shows. The Flame are support.
  December   "Sound Of Free/Lady" 45, credited to Dennis Wilson & Rumbo (= Darryl Dragon) is released
  almost everywhere except the USA.
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