January   The band tour Japan from 7th-23rd
  February   Brian meets Van Dyke Parks (born January 3rd, Hattiesburg MS, 1943) at a party at Terry
  Melcher's house. Carl marries Annie Hinsche (born December 27th, 1949, Manila, Philippines,
  sister of Billy, born June 29th, 1951, Manila) in LA on the 3rd.
  March   released as a Brian Wilson solo single, "Caroline, No/Summer Means New Love" reaches no
  higher than #32, but "Sloop John B/You're So Good To Me" under The Beach Boys banner
  hits #3.
  spring   The Beach Boys move their management from Cummins & Currant to Julius Lefkowitz &
  Company. Taking charge of their account is Nick Grillo, who is soon invited to become their
  personal manager. Derek Taylor, ex-Beatles publicist, is employed by the band in the same
  May   Pet Sounds, although a breakthrough in production, arranging, performing and songwriting -
  and a huge overseas success - charts no higher than #10. However, it does afford Brian artistic
  respectability in hip LA circles.
  July   extracted 45 "Wouldn't It Be Nice/God Only Knows" peaks at #8 (and #39, the last B side to
  chart).  In a move generally, if unfairly (and probably incorrectly), viewed as sabotage by
  Capitol, Best Of The Beach Boys compilation is released and outsells Pet Sounds, peaking
  at #8. During the sessions for "Good Vibrations", Brian meets David Anderle.
  September   sessions begin in earnest for Brian's latest project, originally tagged Dumb Angel but swiftly
  retitled Smile. The sandbox is installed in Brian's Laurel Way house.
  October   as the Smile sessions continue in the band's absence touring Europe, "Good Vibrations/Let's
  Go Away For A While" is released and rapidly becomes the band's third #1 single and a
  worldwide chart success. Anderle is put on the Beach Boys' payroll in order to set up Brother
  November   usually cited as the point where he lost track of both the Smile sessions and a firm grip on
  reality, Brian records "Mrs. O'Leary's Cow", part of "The Elements" commonly called the 'Fire'
  music on the 28th, and is later much disturbed when a rash of fires break out in LA. A
  combination of his own increasing uncertainty and the band's uneasiness with the material on
  their return from touring lead to a general unraveling of the project.
  December   the projected release date for Smile passes with the album far from completion. David
  Oppenheim arrives in LA to shoot footage of Brian working on Smile for a CBS documentary
  "Inside Pop: The Rock Revolution". Alan & Lynda's first child, Matthew Alan, is born on the
  9th. Mike and Suzanne's first child, Hayleigh is born on the 27th. Dennis & Carol's daughter
  Jennifer born on the 21st. In a reader's poll held by the British rock weekly New Musical
  Express, The Beach Boys beat The Beatles as the Top World group, 5,373 votes to 5,272.