Murry Gage Wilson born July 2nd, Hutchison KS
  Audree Neva Korthof born September 28th, Minneapolis MN
  The Wilsons move to Los Angeles.
  The Korthofs move to Los Angeles.
  Murry Wilson marries Audree Korthof, March 26th, Los Angeles CA
  Michael Edward Love born March 15th, Los Angeles CA.
  Brian Douglas Wilson born June 20th, Los Angeles
  Benjamin Baldwin (aka Bruce Arthur Johnston) born 27th June, Chicago IL
  Alan Charles Jardine born September 3rd, Lima OH
  Shortly after Brian's birth, Murry leaves Southern California Gas to work at Goodyear Tire & Rubber.
  Dennis Carl Wilson born December 4th, Los Angeles
  spring - Murry looses his left eye in an accident at Goodyear. Shortly after his return to work in
  summer, he moves to Garrett AiResearch.
  Carl Dean Wilson born December 21st, Los Angeles
  summer - Murry leaves Garrett and goes into business with his brother Douglas leasing heavy
  machinery. He soon decides to branch out on his own, founding the A.B.L.E. Machinery Company
  (Always Better Lasting Equipment), located at 4969 East Firestone Blvd. in Southgate
  Murry becomes friendly with Hite & Dorinda Morgan, owner of Guild Music. They will later publish
  some of his songs.
  Murry's sister - and Mike's mother - Glee arranges a private Christmas concert showcasing Murry's
  songs; the highlight is Brian singing a song of Mike's, "The Old Soldier".
  The Jardine family moves to California
  spring - Brian auditions unsuccessfully for Art Laboe's Original Sound label after an introduction by
  Dorinda Morgan.
  November - Brian becomes friends with the starting fullback of his football team - the Hawthorne
  High Cougars - after the latter breaks his leg as a result of Brian, at quarterback, calling one play
  and executing another during a game on the 7th. His name is Alan Jardine, singer in folk group The
  Islanders. The other members are Gary Winfrey and Bob Barrow. (For further details of Alan's
  pre- and early BB history, click here)
  June - for his sixteenth birthday, Brian is given a Wollensak tape recorder. Co-opting Carl, Murry 
  & Audree, he makes his first four-part harmony recordings. Mike graduates from Dorsey High and
  begins working part time for his father's sheet metal business, as well as working the night shift at a
  gas station.
  fall - Carl starts taking guitar lesson from a neighbor, usually identified as John Maus, later of the
  Walker Brothers (although there is now reason to doubt this belief; other sources refer to him as
  John Moss. He also taught David Marks).
  spring - Brian and some friends perform the campaign song (a BW rewrite of "Hully Gully") for a
  student body president candidate, Carol Hess. This leads to further appearances, for which Brian
  uses Mike & Carl alongside a friend from the earlier 'group'. Carl has reservations, so Brian dubs
  the combo Carl And The Passions. Later incarnations will feature Keith Lent, Bob Barrow and
  Bruce Griffin (this lineup opened for the Four Preps at a school assembly). According to music
  teacher Fred Morgan (no relation to Hite), Brian flunks part of his senior year music course by
  handing in, instead of the sonata required, a melody that would become "Surfin'".
  June - Brian and Alan gradate from Hawthorne High.
  August - at Audree Wilson's suggestion, Alan & Gary Winfrey approach Hite Morgan with a tape
  they've made, the poem "The Wreck Of The Hesperus" set to music they've composed. The
  Morgans are building their studio and say they'll call back.
  September - Brian attends El Camino Community College majoring in psychology with additional
  music classes. Alan attends Ferris State U. in Big Rapids MI, having followed his parents back to
  the Midwest (according to his mother, he declined a football scholarship at Pepperdine U. in
  fall - On being told Mike's girlfriend is pregnant, his mother Glee throws him out of the house.